Table of Contents

Generation One


Chapter 1
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.4

Generation Two


Chapter 2
Chapter 2.2
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 2.4
Chapter 2.5
Chapter 2.6
Chapter 2.7
Chapter 2.8
Chapter 2.9
Chapter 2.10
Chapter 2.11
Chapter 2.12
Chapter 2.13
Chapter 2.14
Chapter 2.15
Chapter 2.16

Generation Three


Chapter 3
Chapter 3.2
Chapter 3.3
Chapter 3.4
Chapter 3.5

Generation Four


Chapter 4.1
Chapter 4.2 – Daddy’s Little Loner
Chapter 4.3 – Gran Gran & Grandma
Chapter 4.4 – Telling Elaina
Chapter 4.5 – Tales of Love and Finding Yourself
Chapter 4.6 – The Impatience of Youth
Chapter 4.7: Elaina Leaves Young Adulthood Behind
Chapter 4.8: Big Thoughts
Chapter 4.9: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 4.10: We Are Not Immortal Here
Chapter 4.11: How Does It Feel?
Chapter 4.12: The Joys of Extended Family
Chapter 4.13: Simple Moments
Chapter 4.14: We Have a Rocket in the Backyard
Chapter 4.15: Singing in the Shower & Sleeping Dreams
Chapter 4.16: A Well-Earned Evening
Chapter 4.17: I Couldn’t Wait for the Party
Chapter 4.18: Is That Your Final Answer?
Chapter 4.19: Sometimes it Comes Quietly, and the Music Comes After
Chapter 4.20: Everything is Spinning
Chapter 4.21: A Love Story is Coming
Chapter 4.22: Ferlaina Forever
Chapter 4.23: Sims From Out of Town Come for the Festival
Chapter 4.24: And I’ll Write Your Name
Chapter 4.25: Fearless
Chapter 4.26: Everything Has Changed
Chapter 4.27: Lou Has Standards
Chapter 4.28: Text Messages & Teenagers
Chapter 4.29: Ambitious Adventures
Chapter 4.30: I’m Not The Heir, Life’s Not Fair
Chapter 4.31: Welcome Back!
Chapter 4.32: I’ll Show You Around
Chapter 4.33: Like an Unforeseen Kiss
Chapter 4.34: Bliss
Chapter 4.35: This Isn’t Surprising At All

Generation Five


Chapter 5: Official Announcement
Chapter 5.2: Celebration of Time
Chapter 5.3: New Tricks
Chapter 5.4: Changes are Coming
Chapter 5.5: The Magic of Twilight
Chapter 5.6: When Bells are Heard for Miles
Chapter 5.7: The World is Lovely, but I’d Rather Stay Inside
Chapter 5.8: Don’t You Dare!
Chapter 5.9: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 5.10: Dancing Shoes
Chapter 5.11: A Little Fun
Chapter 5.12: Fear & Excitement are Similar Emotions
Chapter 5.13: Double Trouble
Chapter 5.14: Two Sprouts
Chapter 5.15: New Mom, New Look
Chapter 5.16: First Day of School
Chapter 5.17: The Flow of Life
Chapter 5.18: Lee & B
Chaper 5.19: The Lounge
Chapter 5.20: Weaving Stories
Chapter 5.21: Five Generations of Adulthood
Chapter 5.22: Tornado
Chapter 5.23: Ahoy!
Chapter 5.24: Striking Ground
Chapter 5.25: Feeling Green
Chapter 5.26: The Regrets of a Grandfather
Chapter 5.27: Older
Chapter 5.28: Just You Wait
Chapter 5.29: The Sweetest Gift
Chapter 5.30: Reeling It In
Chapter 5.31: So, How Are We Related?
Chapter 5.32: Hot As Ever
Chapter 5.33: Best of Wives and Best of Women
Chapter 5.34: There’s That Sparkle
Chapter 5.35: This is Hard to Say to You
Chapter 5.36: Welcome Aboard
Chapter 5.37: It’s Quiet Uptown
Chapter 5.38: The Roof is Caving In
Chapter 5.39: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?
Chapter 5.40: Social Studies
Chapter 5.41: Wait For It
Chapter 5.42: I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot
Chapter 5.43: Friends Who Are Boys
Chapter 5.44: Storm Relief
Chapter 5.45: Lady Troubles
Chapter 5.46: Letting You In
Chapter 5.47: Changes
Chapter 5.48: What Do You See In Him?
Chapter 5.49: So Perfect I Could Vomit
Chapter 5.50: Family Matters
Chapter 5.51: Rough Day
Chapter 5.52: Delightfully Dexter
Chapter 5.53: Fish Are Not Friends
Chapter 5.54: The Stranger
Chapter 5.55: The Comfort of Silence
Chapter 5.56: The Big Move

Generation Six

Generation Seven

Generation Eight

Generation Nine

Generation Ten


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