Chapter 3.2

12-29-14_12-15 AM-2
So, I was making sillly gummy bear pancakes a while back when I came to a sudden realization.
12-29-14_12-15 AM-6
There’s still something missing from this family. Don’t get me wrong, I loved our girls to pieces. At this point we’d spent lots of time together, getting to know them and they truly had become family. I would recommend adoption to any and every family who can afford it! But I feel like we need another child. A baby. Only this time, I would love it if we didn’t have to adopt. I know that Patrice and I can’t conceive on our own, but maybe I could talk to Patrice about it and find a sperm donor. At least, those were all of the things running through my mind at the time.

So, off I went to go find my wife and have a very serious discussion.
12-29-14_12-29 AM-2
I found her paying the bills in the office, so I was a little bit nervous now may not be the best time. I had NO idea how she would react to the whole idea, and obviously I wanted to carry the child. What if SHE wanted to carry the child? That definitely wouldn’t work. I am the legacy heir after all. So I just asked her.

“Patrice, honey, I have a question to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about another child, only this time about actually having one, you know, via sperm donor, and I just… um, would you mind? I would be the one to carry the child, and we would both raise the child as our own…”
12-29-14_12-29 AM
“Yes. If that is something you really want, then I support you. We make good parents, and we have room for one more. But who did you have in mind as the sperm donor?”

“Our good friend, Lyle. He has your haircolor, so I figured it would be perfect. Plus, he’s a friend of the household.”

“Perfect, indeed. Why don’t you go talk to him?” Patrice asked. So I did.
12-29-14_12-20 AM-2
We met at the park, and discussed everything to minute detail. He seemed on board with the whole plan, and I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. Me, going to be pregnant. It was all so surreal!
12-29-14_12-24 AM
“Thank you, Lyle, sincerely. You don’t know how much this means to my family.”

“Oh sweetheart, you’re a doll. I’d do anything for your family, and you know it. Stop that nonsense right now.” Lyle chuckled.

We talked about it, and later that week he gave me what I needed. It was now or never. I might lose my nerve.
12-29-14_12-38 AM
The doctors said I could end up with a multiple birth, and I told them that was okay. Besides, the odds of that were slim. We’d been having single births like crazy for generations, even when I had a very fertile mother. I would be happy with whatever happened.
12-29-14_12-39 AM
IT WORKED! It’s time to tell Patrice and the others!
12-29-14_12-48 AM
Lyle happened to be over, dancing with Patrice, and my dad was also visiting from The Great Beyond, so I told everyone standing there. My dad was the most calm, and Patrice (like me!) was the most excited. My dad was focused on asking all the serious questions, like, how we were going to handle it if it was a multiple birth. I told him to relax, and that everything would be fine.

[NOTES: Yes, okay, so TECHNICALLY in game I built up the relationship meter of Lyle and Brené and Brené cheated on Patrice- but, it was for the story and the baby, because there isn’t actually a way to donate sperm otherwise! I totally felt it, and I knew that it was all totally fine. Patrice was even there when they WooHooed and didn’t care a single bit. It was like she knew what was happening too! That is all. I only felt a little bit terrible, but mostly not because literally EVERYONE ended up happy. And Lyle and Brené seriously never flirt autonomously, it’s so strange and wonderful. Patrice and Brené are like a power couple!]


3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2

  1. Jes2G says:

    For this particular situation, it’s good that Patrice didn’t mind. But, I really wish EA would tune the jealousy and effects of cheating. It’s very unrealistic for the spouse not to mind. They look really dumb lol. Like, generations ago in the Pruetts, Donnie was flirting with Mabel on the very couch that him and his wife was on, and she just sat their smiling LOL. SO not real life.

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