Chapter 5.9: Home Sweet Home

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The pictures of Meya & Leland in this chapter are TECHNICALLY old, but I loved them so much and I needed to include them… I never did find a place for them before I posted the wedding chapter since I wanted the remodel to happen after the wedding. That being said, just pretend that Meya & Leland are already elders in this chapter. Ha! Because they are.

For all of the complaining that Lou did about staying with Landen while the new house was being built she sure did enjoy the new kitchen. Especially since joining the Secret Agent career made her so hungry all the time.

Meya, who still worked in business, was enjoying some time relaxing in the new Yoga & Meditation studio, which was on an upper deck so that there was plenty of exposure to nature.

11-16-15_2-42-27 AM
She couldn’t get enough of how incredible the new space was.

11-16-15_2-46-32 AM11-16-15_3-05-58 AM
Sasha made her way through the halls and out to another balcony so she could work on a painting she felt inspired to paint.
11-16-15_2-48-18 AM11-16-15_2-49-09 AM
Dexter felt incredibly lucky to come back from a long day at work in a science lab to be surrounded by so many windows, so that even when he couldn’t actively be outside he could at least see it well.

Landen also stopped by when Dex got home from work, claiming that he deserved to see the new digs since he housed them all while it was being built.
11-16-15_3-06-52 AM11-20-15_1-24-51 AM
Sasha and Leland found themselves together in the garden a lot. At various point throughout the day Leland would decide to garden, and Sasha would wind up finding herself out there in conversation with him. He even started teaching her the best secrets for maintaining a garden.

It soothed Sasha to be doing something with a father figure once again.
11-16-15_3-29-21 AM

11-16-15_3-24-49 AM
And Dexter brought home a friend from the office, named Reginald. The two of them got along pretty well, actually. Dexter thought of someone else who might get along even better with Reginald and spoke up about it, “Hey, Reggie, I think you should spend more time with my sister, Lou. She’s pretty fiery but once she realizes that you aren’t trying to control her she is amazing. And I think you two would get along really well.”

Reginald was pretty intrigued by this idea, and quite confident in his abilities to charm Lou. He certainly had his eye on her during Dexter and Sasha’s wedding.

11-16-15_3-24-38 AM

But the best part of the new house was the music room adjacent to the foyer, where Sasha serenaded Dexter for the first time. This was also good practice, because she was up for another promotion in the Entertainer career.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 5.9: Home Sweet Home

    • Renée Lenore says:

      HA HA! I don’t know why, but it just seemed to me like Dexter was setting them up when Reggie showed up with him after work one day, and then Dex and Reggie had a conversation, and then Reggie was confidently talking to Lou. HA HA!

      And I love that last picture toooooo!!!

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