Waite Legacy: 1.2

11-19-14_8-22 AM

Several sim days have passed and Ella and Bill have saved quite a few simoleons. They have 10,000ish right now, in fact, because they had 6,000ish leftover from building the house. Ella is constantly in uncomfortable moods from working all the time and going to the library to increase her writing skill by writing a novel.

11-19-14_8-23 AM-2

Bill decides to cheer her up by making some cookies, to show her how much he loves her. So much in fact, that he put a lot of his own love into these cookies during the baking process.

11-19-14_12-06 PM-3

They made Ella feel quite better. In fact, they made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Downright flirty, even. The two had some fun later that evening, and the next day Ella had some very exciting news to share with Bill.

“I’m eating for two!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“What!?” Bill gasped, putting his hands up to his face. He couldn’t believe he was going to finally be a father and get to fill his home with children’s toys.


“Hello small creature inside Ella’s now very large tummy. I can’t wait to steal your toys from you!” As hard as Bill tries to be nice, sometimes the mean just slips right out. Ella didn’t seem to mind that much though, because she ended up getting a bit sick to her stomach.


That left the toilet looking even more green than usual. It’s almost like this toilet is a character in this legacy itself. What should we name it? …nah, maybe that’s going too far. Ya think?

In other news, Ella was getting excited about the baby coming. The due date was getting closer and closer. She was surprised she was still able to go to work being this close to childbirth!

11-19-14_4-24 PM

When she returned home from work she was so exhausted she didn’t even make it into the front door though.

11-19-14_4-31 PM

Ella slept for a little while outside, before Bill found her and in a moment of kindness helped her up off the ground and guided her gently into the house. It was one of Bill’s nicest moments while he still had the mean trait (I cheated it out of him after the baby was born). Ella groggily changed into her sleepwear and went to the bathroom. She was about to get a snack from the fridge when a sharp pain started in her stomach.

11-19-14_4-37 PM11-19-14_4-37 PM-2

“Why does everything hurt so badly?!?” Ella asked me, half furiously and half afraid.

My darling Ella, you are in labor. You’re about to have your baby.

“I am!?”

Yes. You are.

11-19-14_9-09 PM-311-19-14_9-09 PM-5

“Hello sweet, precious baby… Juniper. You are the most beautiful little baby in the whole world. Mommy loves you so much. And Daddy loves you too, he’s just too tired to say so right now.” Ella whispers to newborn Juniper Waite, firstborn of Generation 2. 🙂

Stick around for Chapter 1.3 right around the corner.


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