Chapter 4.33: Like an Unforeseen Kiss

11-14-15_3-58-48 PM

“I still think it’s hilarious that I have a dress that matches your jacket,” Sasha flirted with Dexter upon arrival to their first stop of the day. Sasha was excited to see the local art gallery, because throughout her musical exploration she has developed a deep appreciation for creative endeavors in general.

“It’s clearly a sign! Should we go inside and look at the art now?” Dexter asked her, trying to determine the mental map for their date. “I mean, I fully believe that the most beautiful masterpiece is standing right in front of me out here, but I did bring us here to show you some local culture.”

“Well, when you put it that way,” Sasha swayed backwards as she assured Dexter that she was ready to go inside with him.

11-14-15_3-58-56 PM

After they went inside and browsed the artwork, Dexter was itching to get back outside and also get some distance from all  of the strangers. He led Sasha out to a table beneath a tree where they talked for a while.

“Dexter, the way that I feel when I’m with you… I just… all of the notes end up in perfect harmony and it just seems like it’s been building and building and, well,” Sasha nervously started fidgeting with her hand behind her back, trying to calm her nerves. “I just think… no, wait, I know… the notes have such purpose… and the sound is so beautiful. I want to share it. I want you to feel the music that is resonating between us like I hear it in my mind… and,” without another word she leaned in and kissed him square on the lips.

11-14-15_4-01-57 PM

Dexter was shocked. His system was not fully prepared for that kiss, and the crashing cymbals that rung out in his mind and eventually relaxed into some kind of resonant stillness. He couldn’t quite hear the music like Sasha, but he could feel it. The vibrations of their harmonious chemistry filling the air in the space around them. It was impossible to deny.

He pulled away, despite never wanting that kiss to end, because it was his turn to surprise Sasha. “That was quite a shock,” He pointed out, smiling all the while.

11-14-15_4-03-04 PM

“Was it really, though?” Sasha flirted.

Dexter didn’t respond to that, instead he got a gleam in his eye and said, “It’s my turn to give you a surprise now.”

11-14-15_4-03-15 PM

Sasha just rolled her eyes and tried really hard to pretend that she didn’t already know what Dexter had in mind.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 4.33: Like an Unforeseen Kiss

  1. Jes2G says:

    MY GOSH!!! The way you write for these two…so…so…poetic doesn’t seem to describe it, but it’s the only word coming to mind at the moment. I mean, the sparks are flying off the screen and WOW! I feel like Sasha now and the only other words that come are musical lol. They’re relationship…the way that they are around each other…the things they bring out of each other…it’s so beautifully harmonious. To anyone who isn’t familiar with you, I’m sure they can feel your love for these two. The writing sings, as CathyTea would say, he he.

    Annnd…another nicely done cliff hanger 🙂 You’re a pro already!

    Liked by 1 person

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