Second Blogaversary! [100 Screenshots]

WOW! I’ve been writing this legacy blog for two years now! I posted the first chapter on November 22nd, 2014- and I was hopeful that I might even make it through generation 3 before giving up. And now the generation five heir is almost an elder, and his children are both teenagers! I don’t see myself stopping any time soon, and in honor of not giving up I took a look back through all my uploaded screenshots and chose 100 of my favorite moments or screenshots. There are no words beyond this point- just memories!

Thank you SO much for reading and for making this so much more than I ever envisioned. This family, and you (my reader family!) are so important to me now. I can’t imagine my life had I not started this and met all of you.

11-18-14_7-57 PM-311-18-14_8-19 PM-211-20-14_6-23 AM11-20-14_7-23 AM-811-23-14_11-27 AM-211-24-14_12-05 AM-911-25-14_8-44 AM11-25-14_8-44 AM-411-25-14_9-32 AM-911-27-14_11-06 PM-212-03-14_10-11 PM11-28-14_4-08 PM12-05-14_3-47 PM-312-05-14_3-50 PM-212-05-14_4-44 PM-1012-05-14_4-49 PM-1612-05-14_4-58 PM-712-05-14_4-59 PM-512-05-14_5-27 PM-201-04-15_3-39 PM-201-04-15_10-44 PM-301-05-15_9-23 PM-2101-05-15_9-24 PM-1001-06-15_9-31 PM-201-06-15_9-32 PM01-06-15_9-33 PM-507-13-15_10-05 AM07-13-15_9-52 AM07-13-15_1-58 PM07-13-15_4-28 PM-407-14-15_1-29 AM-307-14-15_1-29 AM-607-21-15_6-37 PM-907-21-15_6-41 PM07-21-15_7-00 PM-407-21-15_8-15 PM-707-21-15_9-54 PM-507-21-15_8-28 PM-307-21-15_8-31 PM-1007-21-15_8-35 PM-408-15-15_8-58 PM-1308-15-15_8-59 PM-508-15-15_9-02 PM-508-15-15_9-03 PM-2208-16-15_1-37 PM-408-16-15_1-46 PM-708-16-15_1-58 PM08-16-15_2-00 PM-808-16-15_7-50 PM-208-16-15_7-40 PM-308-16-15_7-51 PM08-16-15_7-58 PM-1308-16-15_8-03 PM-1008-16-15_8-43 PM-308-20-15_10-57 AM10-26-15_11-15-30 PMSasha_flashbackText311-02-15_9-45-20 PM2Text511-14-15_4-16-59 PM11-16-15_12-32-26 AM11-29-15_1-57-38 PM11-29-15_6-34-11 PM11-29-15_1-51-35 PM11-29-15_6-40-23 PM11-29-15_6-34-54 PM11-29-15_7-35-20 PM11-29-15_6-42-05 PM11-29-15_7-37-18 PM11-29-15_11-24-10 PM

12-04-15_6-58-36 PM

12-05-15_8-51-57 PM12-03-15_1-06-13 AM12-04-15_6-51-59 PM02-22-16_11-31-37 AM01-02-16_9-30-40 PM12-05-15_8-52-24 PM11-29-15_9-56-11 PM01-25-16_1-34-15 PM02-22-16_11-16-48 AM02-22-16_8-19-10 PM02-22-16_9-26-02 PM03-05-16_7-20-32 PM03-05-16_9-32-09 PM03-24-16_7-45-24 PM03-24-16_8-58-13 PM04-13-16_8-19-07 PM04-13-16_8-23-16 PM07-26-16_9-15-04 PM07-26-16_9-57-12 PM07-27-16_3-38-46 PM07-27-16_3-44-25 PM07-27-16_10-12-06 AM08-11-16_11-10-56 AM08-11-16_11-43-28 AM09-06-16_11-27-22-pm09-07-16_12-08-29-am02-24-16_2-14-05 PM09-06-16_11-00-24-pm


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