Chapter 5.53: Fish Are Not Friends


Emil found himself spending a lot of time alone, even though he had an older sister and two cousins, a mom, and an aunt and uncle all living in the same house. He struggled to keep up with their conversations, because they were all so fast and sometimes really confusing. Mostly they were so serious.

Either that or they were about things he wasn’t interested in. And even though everyone made sure that he was taken care of, no one could find time to play pirate with him and everyone else was too tall to play on the monkey bars. His favorite person to play with was his cousin Beth, but he is certain his older sister has cooties and they are always together. “It isn’t worth risking infection,” Emil had thought to himself before sitting down to watch a movie with both of them.

So he found himself talking to the fish this afternoon for some companionship.


“So, you see, I can’t possibly share popcorn with those two, because Belinda has cooties and I don’t want that!”

A pause, waiting for response.

“Um, uh…” he falters as he searches for something else to say that the fish may want to talk about. He scratches his eyebrow and an idea comes to him like lightning.

“Do you think Freezer Bunnies should really be promoting romantic relationships over any other kind of relationship? I think the being best friends is just as important and special, probably even BETTER, and maybe that dating service should change to a friendship finder!”

But the fish still didn’t respond. They just blew bubbles while floating along in the tank, staring off in the distance, as if Emil doesn’t even exist.


“Fish are even worse conversationlists than teenagers…” Emil sighed.


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