Chapter 5.55: The Comfort of Silence








[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Ok, so the reason this chapter has no words is because I can’t find the words. I don’t think I’m supposed to find the words. Julius had a difficult confrontation with Leah, and a couple days later I found him autonomously doing yoga and meditating so I took screenshots. I had intended to just capture the memory of him being so mindful autonomously, but I fell in love with the screenshots and I wanted to share them.]


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.55: The Comfort of Silence

    • Renée Lenore says:

      I KNOW I LOVE HIM. Ok. Excited rant over… he is just really really cute and generally pretty funky to play. Sometimes I think, “Wow he is so much like his father…” and then other times I think “That is something he got or learned from Sasha!!” OTHER times I see Meya or Brady in him and I just… he melts me a lot in the game. Like, sometimes with Julius or Lou I find myself just putting the game in TAB mode, pausing it at a good moment and taking a deep and heavy sigh… it is like some piece of their coding has accidentally included a soul and that soul punches me in the heart when I see them smile, or doing something unexpected…

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