The Waites Are Moving!

First of all, there will be a NEW blog address where the second half of this legacy will be posted. So to keep reading please be sure to follow the new blog. I was running out of space on this blog, and it was easier to make a second blog than to go back and edit all of the screenshot file sizes for every screenshot on this blog.


All of the existing chapters will remain on this blog, but BOTH blogs will have complete Table of Contents pages.

Secondly, I am saying to heck with one of Pinstar’s legacy rules and I am moving the Waite Family to the largest lot possible in the game right now- in Windenburg! Yes, THAT’S RIGHT. I’m breaking a huge rule- but they really do need the largest lot, AND I’m sure that Pinstar won’t mind that much considering that had I started my legacy after Get Together the lot I would have chosen would have been the Windenburg lot. SO- that’s that.

Prepare to follow the Waite family to their new home!


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