Chapter 5.54: The Stranger


“Welcome home, beautiful,” Dexter greeted his wife lovingly.

She smiled warmly at him. “Well hello there, handsome stranger,” she teased.

Dexter felt his face flushing, nervous like he was the first time he asked Sasha on a date. Maybe it was Sasha, or maybe it was the idea of being out in public for longer than necessary. Regardless, Sasha picked up on the additional rose hues climbing up from his neck to his cheeks.

“Cat got your tongue?” She asked flirtatiously.

Dexter coughed and laughed. “No,” he said, through laughter, “No, I was just about to tell you about my plan for making myself less of a stranger.”

“Oh?” Sasha asked, eyebrows raised to match the corner of her lips.

“Yes,” Dexter said. “I want to take you out on a date. Like when we were younger.”


“Are you calling me old? Is a strange man in my house really calling me old right now?” Sasha loved teasing Dexter. It has always been one of her favorite things.

“Oh, my love, you are still young- but then, then you were younger. And so was I. We had a certain flexibility that we seem to have misplaced.”

Sasha wrapped him in a snug embrace. “I can help us find it again…” she whispered into his ear.


“And of course I’ll go out with you.” She said between kisses.



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