Chapter 2.16: Updates and Moving Out

Heads up, this chapter is SOLELY to get you caught up to where I am in gameplay. It has a lot of pictures, and it’s not going to be in story form (not like much of this legacy has been in story form anyway, ha!). The information could be important though, so read it if you want to, or skip along to the next chapter.
12-05-14_5-54 PM-4
12-05-14_5-54 PM-6 12-05-14_5-58 PM 12-05-14_5-58 PM-4
Linda had the baby! It was kind of funny because she had low hygiene and so did Asher. Asher went to go take a shower in a different bathroom, and Linda stayed to shower in this one. Well, lo and behold, Patrice came in to see the baby and MORTIFIED poor Linda. I thought for sure Linda was going to croak and believe it or not I actually did everything I could to save her. I didn’t want Asher’s true love to die (even if she is EVIL). The baby’s name is Alastor, and he’s got his mother’s skintone. 😉
12-05-14_6-02 PM 12-05-14_6-02 PM-6 12-05-14_6-02 PM-9 12-05-14_6-03 PM
Then Marley had her Young Adult birthday (all of this happened right at the end of the wedding party! HA HA!) and rolled non-committal. Because of this I decided to let her be single, and move out with Asher, Linda and Alastor. She could help those two with the baby. 😉 I think despite being a public enemy she’d make a pretty good aunt, and a very good sidekick to Evil Linda.
12-05-14_6-29 PM
Then Jazlyn met (a Create-a-Sim) someone. Since she’s not the heir she can be with whoever she pleases, and this man pleased her alright. His name’s Ethan, and they fell head over heels for each other. It was adorable!
12-05-14_6-32 PM-2 12-05-14_6-32 PM-7 12-05-14_6-33 PM-3 12-05-14_6-34 PM-4 12-05-14_6-35 PM-5 12-05-14_6-36 PM-5 12-05-14_6-37 PM-4
Yep, now Jazlyn is expecting! 😀
12-05-14_6-39 PM-3
And Brené and Patrice adopted their first child, Elaina, who has the active trait.
12-05-14_6-44 PM-2
Ethan and Patrice had a heart-to-heart.
12-05-14_7-21 PM-17
And then shortly after that Jazlyn proposed to Ethan!
12-05-14_7-21 PM-23 12-05-14_7-23 PM
He said yes, of course.
12-05-14_7-43 PM 12-05-14_7-44 PM
Brené and Patrice adopted a second child, this child being older than Elaina. They named her Jolie and she has the Good trait.
12-05-14_7-46 PM-3
Juniper, having completed one aspiration (Big Happy Family) and now working on a second (Master Chef) decided to drink a Potion of Youth.
12-05-14_7-48 PM 12-06-14_1-28 PM-5 12-06-14_1-34 PM-6 12-06-14_1-36 PM
Jazlyn had the baby and named her Simone.
12-06-14_1-39 PM
She ended up the first blonde in the whole Waite family! 😀 (Well, not counting Ethan, of course.) After Simone became a child they decided the house was far too crowded and Ethan, Jaz, and Simone all moved out.
12-06-14_1-47 PM
Someone molded an adorable bunny out of clay. 😛
12-06-14_4-36 PM
Brené (and her amazing angry face!) was upset about something…
12-06-14_4-36 PM-2
Looks like she’s upset about all the dishes sitting out!

Anyway, the next chapter will be out soon, so stick around. 🙂


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