Chapter 4.31: Welcome Back!

“Thanks so much for waiting until I got back to throw this Spooky Day party, Lou!” Dexter casually thanked his sister.

Lou knew how much this family meant to Dexter, and despite his general distaste with parties she knew that he wouldn’t want to miss the first party the family had after he was chosen as heir.
11-02-15_9-45-28 PM

“It’s really not a problem, big brother. It took a little bit of convincing to get Mom to have the party after Spooky Day, but once I reminded them that you wouldn’t be here on Spooky Day both of our parents agreed to it. Besides, my favorite part about Spooky Day is looking better in my costume than you look in yours and Landen just doesn’t challenge me like you do.”

Dexter laughed at his sister’s reasoning, soaking in how confident in herself she is. Dexter spends a lot of time alone and thinking, and he puts a lot of thought into whatever it is that he is going to dress up as. He knew that this is what Lou was referring to. Lan just threw on whatever he could find last minute, because he is such a slob. Lou always neatly puts something together, and works really hard to have the absolute best costume. Which she usually feels like she achieves anyway. She doesn’t have low self-esteem at all.

11-02-15_9-45-20 PM“So many things happened on my trip, Lou! I got to see so many places,” He turned to face her after he finished carving his pumpkin and excitedly began recounting his journey. “Did you know that there are so many places out there?”

11-02-15_9-46-54 PM“I mean, the world is HUGE!”

11-02-15_9-47-42 PM“I’m just glad that out of all of the places that I could be, I’m here with such a wonderful group of people… there is only one thing that I wish I could change about being here… OH! Speaking of that…”

11-02-15_9-47-00 PM“…I ran into Sasha a day early by complete surprise while I was taking a walk!” Dexter added, excitement and nostalgia creeping up into his face.

“You did!?” Lou was very intrigued by this piece of information. She knew that Dexter had a thing for Sasha, regardless of the fact that he hadn’t said anything to her about it.

“Yeah. She was playing the most beautiful music on her violin… it’s actually what led me to find her. I walked slowly, adjusting my ears to follow the sounds, until I stopped before a huge house with a rocket! Just like how we have…”

11-02-15_9-48-37 PM“Seriously!?” Lou asked him incredulously. Do all legacy families have rockets? She thought.

“Yeah. I wondered about that, and then I walked up to her and scared her by mistake, and we talked, and I got to go to a family birthday party… I didn’t even get tense at all!”

“Oooooh!” That’s just so cute! Lou thought to herself after squealing. “That sounds so great. I’m really happy that you had that opportunity Dex.”

11-02-15_9-48-36 PM“Oh, speaking of Sasha, she’s texting me now. If you don’t mind I’m going to go and just focus on talking to her. But thanks again for everything.”

Lou looked at her brother and suddenly realized all of the reasons that he was chosen as heir, instead of her, and suddenly she felt very glad that things worked out how they have. She knew that even as a legacy spare she was an amazing sim and addition to this family, and that Dexter was truly what this legacy needed in an heir. She was most useful in other ways.

11-02-15_9-48-34 PMMeanwhile, Dexter chose to sit on the couch in the dark sitting area near the piano. He looked at his phone and opened the text that Sasha sent. When he read the message he pulled his hand back to his body in a bit of shock and wonderment.

11-02-15_9-52-10 PMHow do I feel about Sasha? He thought to himself, realizing that in all of his wonderings and deep self examinations he had never wondered about Sasha. Not even once. She just fit so comfortably into his reality that he never felt a need to analyze his relationship with her. Does she not know how important to me she is? It was a really important question.

He decided to lay it all out for her.
11-02-15_9-52-49 PM2Text12Text22Text32Text42Text511-02-15_9-52-17 PM

“Well, I guess I have some news to tell the family.” Dexter said to himself as he put his phone back into his pocket and settled into the couch, allowing everything to fully sink in.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 4.31: Welcome Back!

  1. raerei says:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure all legacy houses have rockets…or two!! I love this tidbit of information what a great way to identify them.

    I can’t wait to see Shasha here, she was my favorite Pruett girl, so I’m glad she gets her own stoy!

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