Waite Legacy: 2.5

The Waite Family was quite large at this point, with seven members running around the house. Ella, Alexander, Juniper, Brené, Jazlyn, Asher, and Marley all had plenty to do and it was difficult to keep track of who’s who and what’s what.

11-24-14_12-49 AM-2

Sometimes, trying to keep notes and keep on track with their whims and aspirations and needs, I felt a little bit like this sim. Frustrated, on a mission, falling behind on my duties, etc.

11-24-14_12-33 AM

But like Ella on her treadmill, I just kept going. The legacy must go on!

So, Marley didn’t have to go to school this particular day because she had just aged up, but boy were the others a motley crew when they returned.

11-25-14_8-44 AM11-25-14_8-43 AM-211-25-14_8-43 AM

Geek (Adorable) Asher was sad, Goofball Brené was angry, and Insane Jazlyn was BORED. How did this happen!? On the SAME DAY!?

11-25-14_8-41 AM-3

Meanwhile, as the crew was storming the castle Alexander and Juniper stole a kiss in the kitchen autonomously while Ella kept an eye on young Marley. 😉

11-25-14_8-44 AM-3

Brené was REALLY in a bad mood, she was hitting Dino the dinosaur, insulting people, and generally being rather mean. I don’t think I’ve ever had a goofball sim be this angry for this long. She must have had a really bad day at school.

11-25-14_8-48 AM


11-25-14_8-46 AM-11

Luckily she eventually snapped out of it.

11-25-14_8-53 AM-7

“Why was Bren in such a bad mood today, Mom? I’ve never seen her in such a bad place, and she wouldn’t even talk to ME about it…”

“I don’t know sweetpea, I just don’t know…” Juniper told Jazlyn at the dinner table, while Jazlyn ate cereal for dinner. Sometimes cereal was all Juniper could get Jazlyn to eat for dinner.

The next day was a weekend, so they all took a family trip to the park to play before Brené and Jazlyn aged into teens in a couple of days.

11-25-14_9-06 AM-6

“Rawawrr!” Juniper growled as she pretended to be a sea monster.

The kids all laughed and screamed, directing orders and taking orders evenly.

11-25-14_9-06 AM-711-25-14_9-08 AM11-25-14_9-08 AM-10

The next few days flew by, and before we knew it Bren and Jaz were aging into teens. Brené was up first.

11-25-14_9-12 AM-611-25-14_9-12 AM-711-25-14_9-12 AM-9

Brené aged up and rolled the genius trait with the aspiration of master mixologist. 😀 Now she’s a goofy genius that wants to mix drinks. 😉

11-25-14_9-32 AM

Time for Jaz to age up!! I kind of love that these two share a birthday. It’s like having twins, only I didn’t have to have infant twins… thankfully.

11-25-14_9-32 AM-411-25-14_9-32 AM-511-25-14_9-32 AM-6

Jazlyn rolled music lover and friend of the world, oh my. An insane music lover who wants to befriend the whole world. Joy of joys. ❤ I still love her. Social aspirations and all.

11-25-14_9-32 AM-9

OH, and someone else happens to have a birthday too! Juniper is becoming an adult!

11-25-14_9-34 AM-4

11-25-14_9-34 AM-13

11-25-14_9-35 AM

Stay classy Juniper. 😀

Until chapter 2.6, see you around.


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