Waite Legacy: 2.13

By the time Linda finally got around to sharing the big news with Asher, he had made a decision. This decision would change their lives forever- even though Linda was already living with Asher and giving birth to his unborn child, there was still a chance that things might not work out between them. But Asher, heart set on spending an eternity with Linda, bent down on one knee and popped the ever-famous question. “Linda Novak, mother of my unborn child, will you spend the rest of your life as my dearest wife?”

12-04-14_12-01 AM-7

At first Linda was slightly taken aback. She didn’t know what to say, really. She didn’t think that anyone would ever propose to her- considering that she’s an evil sim. Then again, Asher still hadn’t discovered her evil trait. How long could she keep it a secret from him? He was so adorable, and naive, and such a geek… she examined the ring, What could it hurt?

12-04-14_12-02 AM-3

“Yes, Asher Waite, I will marry you.” She said cheerfully.

12-04-14_12-02 AM-4

“Awesome, because if I am chosen as heir, which I’m hoping I won’t be, but if I’m chosen as heir then I will need a spouse to carry on this legacy with, soooo…” Asher’s voice trailed off into the distance as Linda silenced him with her flirty gaze. None of that mattered right now. She wanted to marry this man as quickly as she could.

12-05-14_3-47 PM-2

“Foolish Overlord, by the way, I am the only truly evil one around here, hence why I called you Foolish Overlord…. you shall see, I will destroy this legacy-“

Yeah, yeah, OKAY, on with the story. Thanks for the interruption, Linda.

ANYWAY, as I was saying…

12-04-14_12-02 AM-1012-04-14_12-03 AM-12

Mawwiage, mawwiage is what bwings us togevah today. Mawwiage dat bwessed awwangement… ASHER DON’T YOU SEE SHE’S THIS LEGACY’S HUMPERDINK!?

Apparently not, because they were married. And in love, deeply.

12-05-14_3-48 PM-5


12-05-14_3-50 PM-2

“Now we really are one.” Linda says, gleefully with only a slight hint of menace.

Until next time. 😉


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