Chapter 5.35: This is Hard to Say to You

Despite things looking up for Lou, she remembered a very hard conversation that she was going to have to have with her daughter. It was one about moving out of the legacy house. This was something that they would have to do eventually, and she may as well be prepared.

“Belinda, honey,” Lou said, a deep frown settling into her face.

“Yes, Mommy,” she chirped back pleasantly, a bit of concern showing in her eyebrows.

Lou sighed. “I really don’t want to have to tell you this. It’s not going to be easy.”

Belinda looked up at her mom, and with the wisdom that she had garnered over her short life, she gave her mom the strength she needed to tell her.

In a small voice, Belinda said, “Just tell me, Mommy. It’s always better to say things that you need to say, even if it’s hard at first.”

03-05-16_8-31-19 PM

Lou smiled. How did her daughter become so wise? Maybe she had been doing better than she had thought.

So with that, she took a centering breath and looked Belinda in the eye. “Belinda, we’re going to have to move eventually. It is very likely that we will move out a few days after your birthday.”

Belinda was shocked. “WHAT?” Her face twisted and contoured into a shape that Lou had never seen before. It was somewhere between anger and sadness, with a dollop of confusion.

03-05-16_8-33-06 PM03-05-16_8-32-53 PM

“I don’t want to leave!” She pouted.

Lou reached forward to hold her daughter’s hands in her own. “Sweetie, I know, I know,” Lou said softly. “But we can’t stay here forever.”

Belinda sniffled and fought back tears. “Why not!?”

“Because, B, this isn’t really our house.”

“But it’s our home,” Belinda acknowledged before finally releasing the tears that she was working so hard to hold back. “How could you make us leave?”

Belinda slipped her hands from her mother’s and wiped a tear from her face, leaning back in disgust.

03-05-16_8-33-48 PM

“I don’t want to make this hard,” Lou felt the weight of all of the pain inside the small body of her child and wanted to erase it all, or take it onto herself.

“Then don’t make us leave.” Belinda said as she stood up to go find Lizzy.


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