Chapter 5.46: Letting You In

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“Lou, I’m so glad that you called me,” Reggie smiled warmly as he greeted Lou. He was glad to see her smiling after the death of her parents. “Is everything going okay? How is B taking what happened?”

Lou smiled and a fire started in her eyes. “Reggie, let’s not worry about anything tonight. At least, nothing that isn’t about the two of us. I want to go out. Let’s find somewhere new, and let’s just be us, without any of our baggage.”

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“Are you sure, Lou? You’ve been through a lot lately.” Reggie wanted Lou to be happy, and he also didn’t want to be the cause for any regrets.

“Oh, Reggie, I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life.”

Reggie wrapped her in a hug. “Took you long enough,” he thought. After the hug the two lovebirds made their way to a bar in a neighboring city and had a night to remember.

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