Waite Legacy: 2.4

11-24-14_12-13 AM-2

“Grandma, is mom really pregnant again already?” Asher asked Ella while he ate a grilled cheese sandwich. His mom, Juniper, was in the back room exercising.

“Yes, I believe so, sonny-boy. She wants a house full of kiddos.” Ella responded. “But you love people, so surely you won’t mind, will you?”

“Ohh, no, I was just wondering. I didn’t know if she was pregnant again or just getting fat. I’m just a kid. Nobody tells me anything.” Asher said before walking off to go do something else.

Brené called after him though before he got out of earshot, “I’m going to tell mom you think she’s fat!” Typical sibling squabbles. Brené is often feeling playful and likes to tease. Jazlyn giggled maniacally from the other side of the chess table, before getting angry and storming off for no good reason.

11-24-14_12-05 AM-12

Alexander, stressed out from all the work taking care of the kids and never getting to spend time with his wife, tried to de-stress by playing some blicblock. “Ugghhh… I just don’t know if I can take it. All the noise, all the chaos. And when do I ever get to go on a date with my wife anymore? Never! We barely even have time for flirting, except when she wants to try for another baby…”

11-24-14_12-05 AM-11

“Relax, Alexander, this will get better with time. Right now the kids are all young. Things will change. There will be time for you and your wife again someday. You two will make time.” He took a couple of very deep breaths, and then continued to play the game.

Meanwhile, Jazlyn came back to the chess table with Brené after she felt a little less angry.

11-24-14_12-09 AM-2

“I’m sorry I stormed off like that.”

11-24-14_12-09 AM-4

“It’s okay. We can play another round if you want to.” Brené responded.


I swear, these two were ALWAYS playing chess. ALWAYS.

11-24-14_12-09 AM-611-24-14_12-10 AM

Pretty soon, Juniper wandered over to watch her eldest daughters playing chess.

“Asher says you’re fat.” Brené said casually.

“He WHAT!?” Juniper asked.

11-24-14_12-10 AM-7

Jazlyn did her best not to laugh.

“I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant!” Juniper exclaimed, before heading off to go explain to Asher what tactfulness is.

“You really got Asher and Mom with that one.” Jazlyn said, after Juniper got out of earshot.

“Yes I did.” Brené said confidently.

11-24-14_12-16 AM

After Juniper found Asher and they had a conversation she went to take a nap. She was exhausted. Maybe having so many children wasn’t the best idea after all. But she did love all of them dearly, and each one had such a special and vibrant personality that they added to the household. She didn’t know what she would do without them. And now there was going to be a fourth, one more. Juniper couldn’t wait to get to know this one too!

11-24-14_12-16 AM-8

“The end!” Brené said as she finished the bedtime story for her siblings. They took turns reading stories to each other every Friday night after homework was finished, and it was Brené’s turn. Jazlyn and Asher hugged goodnight, followed by hugs from Asher and Brené and then Jazlyn and Brené.

11-24-14_12-17 AM-311-24-14_12-18 AM-3

Brené wasn’t quite tired yet though, so she went to go play on the monkey bars.

When she went back into the house, her mom was awake from her nap, still tired but wanting to know if Brené wanted to feel the baby kick. Asher woke up hungry in the middle of the night and grabbed a midnight snack before heading back to bed. “He’s kicking like a swimmer Mom!” Brené said excitedly. Juniper chuckled.

“Brené, sweetheart, we don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl.”

“When will we know?”

“Not until they are born. We just have to wait and see.” Juniper replied.

11-24-14_12-23 AM-4

11-24-14_12-27 AM

Asher, I thought you were supposed to be asleep.

11-24-14_12-27 AM-5

“Okay, Evil Overlord, I’m going, I’m going… just let me wash my dishes…”

I swear, this kid is the cutest… but seriously Asher, it’s like, already morning now. Why are you awaaaake!?

11-24-14_12-30 AM-4

“I work in space. Up there.” Ella pointed to the ceiling, hoping Jazlyn would understand that she meant outer space above the ceiling.

“THAT’S AWESOME!” Jazlyn shouted.

“Can’t a girl eat her cereal in peace in this house without someone yelling about something!?” Brené asked. She was in a rather grumpy mood. And then she heard moaning and yelling of “Ouch” and “Ooohhhh” coming from the living room. “GREAT! Just great!” She stomped off.

11-24-14_1-00 AM-611-24-14_1-00 AM-5

“Why does this always hurt so much!?”

I can’t tell you, I’ve never experienced it.


11-24-14_1-06 AM-4

Everyone, meet baby Marley. :] This is the only picture of baby Marley. Because babies are terrible, and again, I took no pictures during this baby phase, so here is child Marley.

11-24-14_1-16 AM

Marley is a self-assured rambunctious scamp. 😀

On that note, stay tuned for more. Later days, in chapter 2.5 which is just around the bend.


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