Chapter 5.50: Family Matters

“Y’know, Lou, we really are happy to have you stay,” Sasha was saying to Lou as she prepared a garden salad in the kitchen. “After all, this is your home. You have lived here for much longer than I have, you’re family, you contribute and help with all of the kids. It’s nice having you here.”

Lou chuckled at her sister-in-law’s enthusiasm for family. “I am still so glad that you and my brother found each other. You’re the best sister that I could have ever asked for.”

“I’m your only sister, actually,” Sasha added playfully.

“You’ve got a point!” Lou noted audibly. “I also know that I am welcome here as long as I want to stay, but eventually there will come a point when I need to leave and be with Reggie. Now that we’ve decided to get married, it makes sense that the kids and I would move in with him some day.”

Sasha nodded and Lou walked over to the island to sit down.

07-27-16_5-47-25 PM

“It seems like just yesterday our girls were born,” Lou mused nostalgically.

Sasha was putting the finishing touches on the salad when she came up with an idea. “Lou, there is plenty of room in this house for Reggie to move in.”

“He already has a house across the street. There is no sense in him packing his things to move over here when one of our daughters is possibly going to fall in love and want to live with someone in a few years.”

Sasha gasped. “There is NO way that either of our girls would decide to move in with someone so soon. They’re just kids.”

Lou shook her head, a bittersweet smile on her face. “Before we know it they will be twirling into their young adult years. And I’ve seen the way Belinda looks at that Aden boy. It’s the same way that you look at Dexter.”

07-27-16_5-47-43 PM

“I’m just saying that it’s a real possibility. A reality that we have to face. Our babies are growing up.” Lou shrugged, trying not to think about the possibility that her daughter might get her heart broken some day not far from now.

Sasha walked over to her sister-in-law. “Well, don’t grow them up too quickly. I’m not ready for any of that just yet.” Despite her hope that her daughter would stay young forever, she had a proud smile on her face.

Lou stood up and brushed off her skirt, and simply she said, “I’d better get ready for work. I would hate to be late!”

“Alright,” Sasha said, as she replaced her on the stool. It was then that Julius walked into the kitchen, giving Lou a high five as they passed.

07-27-16_5-47-54 PM

“Have a good day at work, Aunt Lou!” He called after her as she exited the kitchen and he sat down beside his mother.

Sasha smiled and waved, “Hi Julius!”

“Hey Ma!” He said, beaming. “It sure is a great day to be alive…”

07-27-16_10-11-29 AM

“I’m glad you think so! What has you in such a good mood?” Sasha asked.

Julius sighed. He thought about Roxana and her fiery red hair. “Just happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people. And to have such a great house!”

“For a gloomy sim you sure are full of gratitude.”

“Being gloomy has taught me to take pleasure in the small things,” he responded.

Sasha was the one who was beaming now. “That’s a BIG relief for a mother to hear!”

07-27-16_10-12-06 AM

“Speaking of BIG relief,” Julius added. “I’ll be having a even better day when I finish my homework.”

Sasha laughed as he placed a large book and notebook on the island counter and crossed his eyes at the instructions. His brow furrowed and his smile set itself into a mild frown.

“Ma,” he looked over at Sasha who hadn’t gotten up yet.

“Yes, son?”

“Do you think you could help me with my algebra homework?”

She laughed, “Of course, sweetheart!”


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