4.20 – Everything is Spinning

07-21-15_10-13 PM-2

One ages up.

07-21-15_10-13 PM-3 07-21-15_10-13 PM-5

Then another ages up.

07-21-15_10-15 PM-11 07-21-15_10-15 PM-14 07-21-15_10-15 PM-19

And so legacies go. New reflections in mirrors with the milestones of time from childhood to teendom.

07-21-15_10-40 PM

New perspectives gained on the world, about how you can be both feminine and rambunctious.

07-21-15_10-40 PM-2

And new love, the sort that lures you out into the hot tub at the tail end of a birthday party with your partner to partake in something that is shared between just the two of you.

07-21-15_10-41 PM-6

And the joy that the thought of new life brings, particularly in times of sorrow and loss.

07-21-15_10-45 PM-4

“But how will I tell Fernando?”

07-21-15_10-45 PM-12


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