Waite Legacy: 2.2

Juniper had a long day, and an even longer evening out with Alexander, so after she got home she crawled into her bed and fell swiftly to sleep.

11-20-14_9-51 AM-2

She couldn’t wait to see Alexander again, so she called him up and invited him over the very next day. Of course he came right over, being the sentimental fool that he was.

11-20-14_10-32 AM-5

“Oh JuneBug, I’ve missed you!” Gushed Alexander upon seeing his lovely lady.

“Don’t let my mother hear you call me that. She’ll add it to her list of nicknames, and I want to keep it between us.” Juniper whispered flirtatiously into his ear.

11-20-14_10-32 AM


11-20-14_10-32 AM-13

“Mmmpfmh…prmhmh…” Alexander said in response as Juniper leaned in for the most passionate kiss they’d shared up until this point. Juniper wasn’t kidding when she said she loved him.

11-20-14_10-33 AM-8

After the kiss, Juniper got down on one knee and pulled out a ring she found in a cracker-jack box. “Alexander, I know I don’t even know your last name, and I don’t have a lot of money, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please, will you move in with me and be my husband, and the father of my many (many, many) children?”

At first Alexander didn’t know what to say. He knew he loved this woman, but he didn’t know her last name either. What the plum!? Sure! “Of course, Juniper. I, Alexander Goth, will take on your last name and be the father of your… wait, how many children? And don’t worry about money… I have plenty of that.” […for now, heh heh heh *evil laughter*]

11-20-14_10-16 PM

[After he moved in, I realized Alexander was about to be an elder, so I had Ella use some of her Satisfaction Points to buy him a youth potion or something or other to drink taking him back to the beginning of his adult stage. It seems that my legacy women have a thing for older men!! 😛 I also gave him a makeover. And yes, that is a different front door- the first of two remodels. I decided I didn’t like the first remodel of the house after Alexander moved in so later I tried again and did better. When it gets to that point I will show you that version because it is less embarrassing.]

11-20-14_10-17 PM

“I feel quite refreshed now.” Alexander quipped, feeling younger than he had in a while. He felt so refreshed he decided to have a little fun with his new wife. Alexander is a romantic bookworm, and a music lover. No wonder he and Juniper got along so well!!

11-20-14_10-19 PM-3

11-20-14_10-19 PM-6

Juniper was excited that she might get pregnant and be starting her family, she was already preparing to be a mother. Her current milestone was something about having a baby, and interacting 20 times with her child. She was ready to get this show on the road.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

11-20-14_10-31 PM

Bill started pointing to something, and babbling about some strange “light.”

11-20-14_10-31 PM-211-20-14_10-31 PM-611-20-14_10-31 PM-711-20-14_10-31 PM-1711-20-14_10-31 PM-18

“Please don’t take my love away from me! I know he could be a jerk in the past, but he changed, he did it for me and the kids, and I love him so much!” Ella urged Grimmy to let Bill stay, but there was no convincing the Reaper. This was Bill’s time. He had been here long enough already.

11-20-14_10-32 PM-511-20-14_10-32 PM-6

Grimmy bottled up Bill’s spirit into a large golden urn and placed it onto the kitchen counter where it would remain for quite some time. Ella was deeply disturbed by the loss of her husband, and the depression was tough to beat. Even the news of her future grandchild couldn’t keep her happy for long.

11-20-14_10-21 PM-3

At least Alexander was excited about the baby! After Ella’s glum response Juniper wasn’t sure what to expect when she told him the news.

11-20-14_10-23 PM-8

“Of course I’m excited for us, darling! We’re going to be a family. And new life at such a difficult time is quite a blessing. Your mom is just going through a phase… she’ll come around.” Alexander always knew exactly what to say to keep Juniper going strong.

11-20-14_10-36 PM-2

“I’m just so sad that my father will never get to meet his grandchildren.” Wailed Juniper in the kitchen while Alexander prepared a meal.

11-20-14_10-36 PM-4

Alexander left the meal in the fridge, poured Juniper a glass of milk, and walked over to her to comfort her. “It’s all going to be okay. You have me, you have your mother, and you are a strong woman. This child, our other children that we will have, their very lucky. We will share all sorts of wonderful  stories about Bill with them.”

11-21-14_12-19 PM-2

Later that day, Juniper passed out in the bathroom from exhaustion. When she woke up she saw that Alexander had lovingly made her a BLT and had made himself a grilled cheese. It might be the last meal they would get to enjoy together before the baby was born. They decided to make it as romantic as possible, even though it was just sandwiches.

11-21-14_12-23 PM-2

Shortly after, Juniper started feeling the labor pains. “It’s time, Alexander! It’s time!”

11-24-14_1-04 AM

11-21-14_11-04 PM

And they welcomed a healthy, beautiful bouncing baby girl named Brené into their family.

Stay tuned for chapter 2.3 after this!


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