Chapter 4.10 – We Are Not Immortal Here

07-21-15_6-22 PM-4Brené was out for a jog one afternoon when she stumbled upon a tragic scene. Her brother, Asher, had collapsed onto the sidewalk for no apparent reason. Marley, who had been struggling with loss since childhood, instantly began crying and calling for help.

It wasn’t long after that Grim appeared. He looked up to the skies, noted Brené in his peripherals, and considered what it must be like to live as a mortal. Sure, you face uncertainty and loss on a regular basis, but you also have a chance to experience tremendous joy. Spending your eternity collecting souls and seeing loved ones weep does not leave much room for joy, no matter how much chess you try to play at the park or how long you live.

07-21-15_6-22 PM-7Brené didn’t know how she felt in this moment. She should have gone first. Asher was her younger brother. Why was she still here? Of course, Grim didn’t have any answers for her.

07-21-15_6-34 PMShe decided to make the most of what time she did have left by enjoying some time at the new spa in town.

07-21-15_6-37 PM-7 07-21-15_6-37 PM-9Yoga soothed her, stretched out her thoughts like it stretched out each of the muscles in her body. She was going to enjoy each twinge that she felt.

07-21-15_6-39 PM-3 07-21-15_6-39 PM-4She even met someone that she couldn’t help but think Elaina would get along quite well with. She took down his name and number under the guise of being a Yoga training partner, in case she ever needed help with the stretches on days that the class wasn’t being offered. Maybe she would invite him over, see about getting things moving for her daughter.

07-21-15_6-41 PM“Mmmmm…” She breathed in deeply as she let all of her concerns drift away while laying on the massage table.

07-21-15_6-44 PM-4I am not immortal in the sense of physical body, she thought. But I am immortal as my essence lives on through the generations. I am leaving a legacy.

07-21-15_6-46 PM


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