Chapter 5.34: There’s That Sparkle

03-05-16_9-07-16 PM

Lou had been feeling down ever since her confrontation with Leland and her birthday was no exception. She felt as though time were moving without her, and she didn’t have enough time to make everything how it should be. Things were still not moving forward with Reggie, though she spent a lot of time with him, and she hadn’t had a real conversation with her father in a while.

But she had her little girl, Belinda, and soon it would be her birthday as well. Her little girl would be a teenager, and Lou had to be strong for her. Had to show her that you can forge your own happiness.

So Lou put on a smile and decided to take that leap into the next phase of her life.

03-05-16_9-07-08 PM03-05-16_9-07-38 PM03-05-16_9-07-41 PM-203-05-16_9-08-03 PM

Somehow the sparkles of the spin stuck around, and she seemed to get her momentum and life energy back. She truly was feeling like things were looking up.


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