Chapter 5.6: When Bells are Heard for Miles

It was a very special day for two very special sims. Dexter Waite and Sasha Pruett had been best friends since they met at the Willow Springs park as teenagers, both eagerly awaiting a Taylor Swift concert. One had traveled further than the other, Sasha having come a great distance with other family members.

But both of them wanted to stay in contact, so they shared text messages back and forth until finally they realized as young adults that they wanted to see each other again. This time Dexter went to go visit Sasha and meet even more of her family. After that visit, Sasha asked Dexter how he felt about her, and after looking within himself he realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sasha. Being apart from her was simply too difficult.

So it was finally time for the most inspiring wedding that the Waite Family has ever seen.

Emerson Pruett, Sasha’s younger brother, sat at the bar talking to Callie Mumbach, Sasha’s older sister.

“This is really happening, Cal,” Emerson said, amazed at how excited he was now that he was here and experiencing this with Sasha. He had never met the Waite family, and he was still sad about Sasha living so far away, but he understood now, even more than ever, why she truly needed to be here.

Callie simply nodded and took in a deep breath. Graham, her husband, who was standing behind her nearby laughed and said, “Sasha and Dexter are almost as cute as we are.”
11-29-15_1-46-38 PM
Julian, who was adjusting well to being an elder, was so proud of his little sister. He was glad that Sasha was able to stand her ground and bravely ask Dexter how he felt about her so quickly. His own relationship with Jeannette was full of complications because of their lack of communication. He likes to think that Sasha learned from his own mistakes and decided to go ahead and ask that bold question.
11-29-15_1-50-49 PM
“What a beautiful night,” Viviana sighed, breathing in the crisp air and the scent of the nearby fire. “You two chose a fantastic evening to commit yourselves to each other.”

Dexter put his hands on his lap, leaning forward, “Well, Mrs. Pruett, I committed myself to Sasha quite some time before this day, but yes, this is an incredible night.”

“Call me Viv, or Mom, but not Mrs. Pruett. I might be an elder, but we’re family.” Viviana chided lovingly. “And I suppose you’re right about the commitment aspect, Dexter. Otherwise Sasha would not have left home to be here.”

Lou, who was standing by the fire, smiled at how pleasant Dexter’s new mother-in-law was. It was very fitting, considering how intentional Dexter was with his decisions, and how warm he was despite being a loner.

“I still think this is a lovely evening to commit yourselves to each other in front of your family,” Viv said righteously, adjusting her prior statement to make it closer to her original meaning. These were her words, and her feet, and if at any time she felt like she needed to she had the ability to move her feet or adjust her words to align herself more appropriately with where she wanted to be or what she intended to say.

Everyone laughed about this, but especially Viv.
11-29-15_1-48-01 PM
Dexter and Viv changed the seating arrangements just slightly so that others could sit with them, and continued the conversation. “So, do you suppose you will have grandchildren soon enough so that I could meet them?” Viv asked, curiously.

Dexter got a little bit choked up, knowing that he should not have this conversation without Sasha, and Viv realized what she had asked him.

“I mean, it’s no pressure. I want the two of you to feel solid in your own lives before you bring another life into this world, and of course you would have to decide that together…”
11-29-15_1-48-35 PM
Meanwhile, Sasha was getting ready in the bathroom on the property. “Today is a big day, Sash.” She thought to herself as she checked out her reflection. “I’m so ready for this, though,” she added out loud, feeling beautiful and confident.
11-29-15_1-57-02 PM
She strode out of the building like a princess about to accept her crown to become queen. Not that she cared about royalty or hierarchy, or felt like she was above anyone else. She did, however, feel amazing. This day is something she didn’t know how much she needed. Today she and Dexter would finally become family in a legal sense.

If anything happened medically, they would be able to be there for each other in every sense of the word and doctors would openly communicate with them. They would finally be sharing to those who mattered most to them that they would stick up for and with each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, as long as they both would live.
11-29-15_1-50-59 PM
As Sasha was walking out, she spotted her mom at the party.

“Mom!” She cried out, ecstatic to see her again.

“Sasha, honey,” Viv called back warmly, making her way across the lawn toward her beautiful daughter. “You look absolutely stunning! There’s a little less fabric on that dress than I would expect, but you look amazing nonetheless.”

Sasha laughed and a joyful trumpet sounded in her head before a synth-based pop melody filled up her bones like a nostalgic sort of happiness. “I am just so glad to see you! I knew that I would miss you, but I didn’t expect to miss you as much as I do. Everyone here, Dexter especially, has been wonderful, but none of them are you. None of them raised me.”
11-29-15_1-51-35 PM
The two women grabbed seats with Callie and Julie Waite, a cousin of Dexter’s, and Viv started to fill Sasha in on everything that had been happening in Pruettville.

“Your nephew, Jonathan, has been spending an awful lot of time with a young girl named Skyla,” She said enthusiastically.

Sasha smiled when she heard about her extended family. It seems like they were all still children when she left, but she knew that they were growing up. Time didn’t wait for anyone.
11-29-15_1-52-32 PM
Callie found herself talking to Julian, and the two of them cracked jokes about each other’s relationships, and reminisced about childhood.
11-29-15_7-37-18 PM
Jeannette, who was here because of Julian, had a lovely conversation with Dexter and couldn’t stop smiling. Even though she was not related to Sasha by blood, she felt protective of her family and that included Sasha. She was so glad that her sister-in-law had found such a great partner for life in this thoughtful and ambitious blonde.

But soon Dexter turned his attention to the woman of the evening. He looked straight at her and their eyes locked. He felt his heartbeat increase in strength in his chest, and air escaped as he let out a gasp. She was somehow even more beautiful than she had ever been.
11-29-15_7-36-07 PM
With delight he walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. “Are you ready for this, my sweet sempre?”

“Yes,” She responded, in perfect synchronization with his pulse.
11-29-15_1-53-00 PM
They turned on the lights around the aisle and Dexter went to go wait beneath the arch.
11-29-15_1-55-59 PM
The man could not stop smiling, not that he was even trying.
11-29-15_1-56-04 PM
It wasn’t very long before Sasha joined him and they held each other’s hands, waiting for their family to gather around them.
11-29-15_1-57-36 PM
“I am the luckiest man in the entire world, Sasha Pruett.”

“And I am the luckiest woman, Dexter Waite. Soon, I will have your name, and we will be family, and have numerous incredible moments shared between us.”

The two of them hugged each other like it was the first time that they had ever hugged, and also as if it were the last time they ever could hug.
11-29-15_1-57-33 PM
After a significant amount of time had passed, they slowly unraveled themselves from the embrace and looked deeply into each other’s eyes.
11-29-15_6-33-21 PM
It was time for the ceremony to begin. Their family was here, watching, as many of them that could be here.
11-29-15_1-57-38 PM
The crowd gathered, none of them interested in sitting. The excitement and joy kept them on their feet, anticipating the congratulatory hugs that they would be giving.
11-29-15_6-31-31 PM11-29-15_6-30-33 PM11-29-15_6-35-50 PM11-29-15_6-33-43 PM11-29-15_6-34-11 PM11-29-15_6-33-29 PM11-29-15_6-35-23 PM11-29-15_6-33-57 PM
“I love you, Dexter Waite.”

“I love you too, Sasha Waite.”

Viviana began to cheer as she took a seat, overcome with emotions. She was incredibly happy for these two, and she also missed her own husband who had been apart from her for too long already.
11-29-15_6-34-54 PM
Julian and Jeannette looked at each other from across the aisle, both knowing in their hearts that this was an incredible love. They themselves knew how powerful a love that began with friendship could be.
11-29-15_6-31-58 PM
Leland, who was exhausted, fell asleep sitting down shortly after the ceremony.

“I’m so much older than he is, but I have so much more energy,” Viv laughed, as she soaked up every little moment in life.
11-29-15_6-40-23 PM
Next, Sasha cut the cake, played a song for Dexter on the violin, and the two of them sat and gave thanks to everyone who was joining them in this celebration.
11-29-15_6-38-45 PM11-29-15_7-35-20 PM
But everyone was very tired, for it had been quite a big day. Sasha, unashamedly, yawned from her seat in front of the guests. It was time for the bride and groom to sneak away from the crowd for a little more peace.
11-29-15_6-39-48 PM
They found themselves at some of the log seating, where Dexter was already sitting and letting out a yawn.
11-29-15_6-40-31 PM11-29-15_6-40-43 PM11-29-15_6-40-52 PM
And without much thought or hesitation, due to the fullness of emotion and exhaustion from the day, the two of them fell asleep under the stars, knowing that they would wake up and leave straight for Granite Falls.
11-29-15_6-42-05 PM

Author’s Note: The amazing venue, at least, the wedding arch section with the log benches and the lanterns and all of the flowers, was created by “aryannehawker” and can be found in the gallery under “Magic Garden Wedding” but the small building with the restrooms and kitchenette along with the bar, dining area, jukebox, and stools and cake table were all added by me.

Also, I am so grateful to Jes2G for allowing Sasha to become a part of my family. ❤ She is deeply loved.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5.6: When Bells are Heard for Miles

  1. Jes2G says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My sweet Sasha is married! Whoop whoop! Where is my family tree?! I am changing her name and status RIGHT now lol. I’ll have to add Dexter’s picture later.

    This was so beautiful. Beautiful writing, beautiful venue, beautiful outfits, beautiful Sims, and beautiful love!

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  2. Jes2G says:

    I am SO happy that Sasha found a home in your world! I CANNOT wait to read about all the new adventures that she will be embarking upon that she may not have done in mine. Thank you for loving her like you do!

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  3. ARoseInBloom says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeep! This was beautiful. I love the lot you used! It’s so unique and romantic looking. And that dress. *makes mental note to cc shop for a wedding dress*
    Guh! Love is great. Especially when two of my favorite legacy families join together as one. Sending your Sims my best and looking forward to what’s next.

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  4. theplumbob says:

    This was so beautiful ❤ I love how everyone from both families attended, eep. And wow, Sasha looked amazing! these two are so meant for each other.

    Funnily enough I also used this wedding lot recently (though it won't be seen in my story for a while haha), it is gorgeous, isn't it?

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