Chapter 5.30: Reeling it In

03-05-16_7-33-59 PM

Leland had been living for a long time. But only recently he had started fishing. He felt it calmed his nerves and helped soften his edges a little. It also distracted him from how little time he had left while he had long days home alone when everyone else was at work.

He tried to spend the evenings with his family.

Most often he could be found playing chess with Dexter, who had learned a few tricks from him.

03-05-16_7-20-30 PM03-05-16_7-20-31 PM03-05-16_7-20-32 PM

But Leland never minded that Dexter would sometimes cheat at chess. Leland only wanted for his family to be happy. He wanted to see smiles on their faces during his final days.


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