Chapter 5.29: The Sweetest Gift

03-05-16_6-54-15 PM

Sasha looked outside to see her beautiful daughter, Lizzy, talking to a very special ghost. Brené was feeling playful and the two were laughing together about some joke Lizzy had just told.

03-05-16_6-53-27 PM

“I am so lucky, and my children are so sweet.” Sasha said to herself, feeling herself blush with pride.

03-05-16_6-54-51 PM

On this birthday she couldn’t help but think about the birth of her children and her incredible new family. With these familial thoughts she felt memories of her childhood creeping up on her. She thought of all of the incredible birthdays held at the Pruett estate. She thought of how far she had traveled, and how deeply her love for Dexter rests within her heart. That seed was planted so long ago, and it took root and grew inside of her in such a way that she needed to uproot other roots to let this very special tree keep growing.

She took a deep breath and exhaled all of the bittersweet energy.

03-05-16_6-54-31 PM

She was glad to be celebrating more or less on her own on this day. It gave her time to think. Dexter has given her the sweetest gift she could ever ask for. True love and a warm family.

03-05-16_6-56-09 PM03-05-16_6-56-40 PM03-05-16_6-57-14 PM

As Sasha spun into her more mature adult years, Belinda walked in to blast confetti in celebration. Sasha was glowing from the inside out, for she knew that she had made the right decision when she chose to move so far from her first family.

03-05-16_6-57-47 PM

I truly am at home here,” She thought. “Now if only there was a bit more grass in the yard…


15 thoughts on “Chapter 5.29: The Sweetest Gift

  1. Jes2G says:

    So…remember that chapter A Weekend at Granny’s when Julian’s kids spent the weekend with their other grandmother while Viviana was at home baking sweets for them when they came home so they wouldn’t forget who their favorite grandma was? I sorta kinda feel that way when I see Lizzy interacting with her family lol. It’s weird. Like, seeing her talking to Brene, I’m like, “But Viv! You don’t know Viv!” lol, like, I know you feel loved by these people you live with, but you have a whole ‘nother family a world away and they love you too…even though they have no clue you exist LOL. I love it though. I’m glad she (and Julius) exist, and uber glad they have a large family who loves them to bits!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ARoseInBloom says:

    Sasha is such a great legacy spouse! I’m so happy she was able to fit right into your amazing legacy and bring with her the history that is the Pruetts. Those darn Pruetts will always live on!!

    Liked by 1 person

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