Chapter 5.16: First Day of School

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“Have a wonderful first day of school, Little Lizzy.” Meya cooed as she kissed Lizzy’s cheek.

“Aw, Grandma!” Lizzy whined, forcing back a smile and laughter.

Meya chuckled and gave Lizzy a pat on the back. “You’re growing up too fast! It was just yesterday and you were still a baby in your bassinet… and now look at you…”

“Well, Grandma, I’ll have to look at myself later. If I don’t go get my backpack now I’ll miss the bus and be late for my first day. And I’m not a baby anymore, so I have to be responsible.”

“You’re right,” Meya said with a smile. “As a responsible young woman you should be on time. Run along and get your things.”

02-22-16_10-54-04 AM

She whined about it outwardly, but on the inside Lizzy loved the attention that she got from her family. It made going upstairs to get her backpack for her very first day of school seem less scary.

Meanwhile, Belinda was outside and thinking about the day ahead of her. She and her cousin Lizzy would be fine, she knew. They would look out for each other, so it wouldn’t be quite as lonely as starting school alone. But she was thinking about other things. Would she be too busy with homework to spend time with her dad when he visits?

Belinda watched her father eating the breakfast that Grandpa Lee prepared and a soft smile fell gently onto her face, and her eyebrows raised with a sigh.

02-22-16_10-54-26 AM

I can do this,” She thought. She walked through the back door and gave her dad a hug and a kiss before meeting Lizbeth at the front door to catch the bus. Her mom had already left for work just moments before that, and had already gotten her obligatory morning affection.

02-22-16_11-11-10 AM

In the restroom that is immediately adjacent to the kitchen Sasha checked herself out in the mirror. Today is a new day. Her daughter is starting school, and she doesn’t have to be at work until this afternoon. Everyone else, except for Leland who tends the garden, is already gone for the day or preparing to leave.

“What am I going to do with this four hours? I don’t want to be cooped up in this house all the time for the rest of my life.”

Sasha loved being here, but so much of her life was spent within the confines of legacy property, except for the occasional Pruett party, date with Dexter, or her wedding night and honeymoon. She had never really gone on an adventure on her own before. She wanted to get out and experience the world. She wanted to find new inspiration, and maybe new friends.

02-22-16_11-12-20 AM

“Why not!?” She asked herself in the mirror with a laugh. With that she touched up her lip gloss and walked out the door, calling a cab on her way out.

It was only a 30 minute drive to neighboring Windenburg, and Sasha heard about a nice café from one of the blogs she follows on Simblr. The town had been experiencing a new-found surge of popularity. Establishments had been popping up left and right it seems. Before this surge, it was like the town never existed.

Upon arrival Sasha greeted the first sim she saw.

“Hi,” She said cheerfully. “I’m Sasha. I’ve never been to Windenburg before, have you?”

02-22-16_11-16-07 AM

The woman smiled at her and responded, “I’ve been here once or twice before, but I don’t get out much since having the kids.”

“You’re a mother too?” Sasha asked exuberantly. There would definitely be potential for friendship with this woman, especially with something so huge in common. They would understand each other better.

“Yes,” the woman said, waving for Sasha to join her at a table outside. “And my back is killing me today, so we should sit. And my name is Hazel. Hazel Broussard. Formerly I was Hazel Ikeda-Belle, but I took my husband’s name once I moved to Oasis Springs.”

“Your’re from Oasis Springs too?” Sasha was beginning to feel like a broken record with a stuck-on-smile. She was beaming. “Well, I mean, you live in Oasis Springs too? I myself moved to Oasis Springs. I used to live in Willow Creek in another more distant location that seems fuzzy and hard to recall now, and it is basically the same as the Willow Creek here… only my family was left behind in the other Willow Creek. My maiden name is Pruett. I was a legacy spare.”

02-22-16_11-16-48 AM

“I am the child of a legacy spare!” Hazel announced, in a vague sense of awe and bewilderment. They continued their conversation for a few more minutes before Sasha noted that her stomach was grumbling. They moved inside so that she could get a croissant and kept talking.

“How many kids do you have?” Hazel asked Sasha, leaning froward in her seat.

“Only one, a daughter. But Lizzy has a cousin who is the same age to the day, and lives with us. Her mom, Lou, is my sister-in-law, and is trying to figure out the best situation for her new little family. I’m glad that they still live with us, personally. Lizzy is enjoying the company, and Dex and I are enjoying the extra support.”

“It’s so nice to have support,” Hazel said dreamily. “I wish I had more of it, or knew another parent in this area before now. My husband and I have triplets… it was really hard for a while. But we made it work.”

“I can’t even imagine!” Sasha said after swallowing another bite of croissant.

02-22-16_11-18-14 AM

Before either of them knew it the morning had gotten away, and Sasha needed to leave for work, while Hazel needed to stop by the market and get some groceries since today was her day off from work.

“It was so nice to meet you,” Hazel offered, genuinely. “I hope that we keep in touch.”

“Of course!” Sasha responded, equally as genuinely. “Maybe we could get together, Lou could join us, and we could even bring all of the kids along. They would probably love that.”

“Oh, that sounds amazing,” Hazel said. “May I hug you goodbye?”

02-22-16_11-19-20 AM

Sasha nodded and the two new friends embraced happily.

02-22-16_11-18-58 AM02-22-16_11-19-54 AM

I just made myself a friend that isn’t a relative,” Sasha thought to herself with that confidence she felt upon leaving the house this morning. “Maybe it’s this awesome yellow skirt…” She pondered before shaking her head and laughing. She knew that in reality it was her winning personality and their shared experiences that allowed them to become such fast friends.

“I have to text Lou and tell her about this!” She pulled out her phone to text her sister-in-law before heading to work.

02-22-16_11-19-35 AM

Back at the house, around 3pm, the girls were sitting together and procrastinating on their homework.

“B,” Sasha said to her cousin firmly, “I swear, gym is the best class.”

“I still prefer Social Studies, Lizzy,” Belinda returned confidently. “I like learning about people.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Lizzy retorted casually.

02-22-16_11-28-52 AM

“Shouldn’t you two be working on homework?” Meya asked as she walked up to the table.

“Yes ma’am.” Belinda said, picking up her pencil and getting to work.

“B and I were just comparing subjects,” Lizzy grumbled, leaving her pencil on the table. “Besides… homework is boring. I want to go and play outside.”

“We can help you girls with your homework so you can go and play faster, but you really should finish your work before you go and play.”

02-22-16_11-29-23 AM

Meya and Leland stayed to help the girls study, and soon enough Lizbeth was running out to the jungle gym, free of homework for the rest of the evening.

02-22-16_11-29-30 AM

“I had an awesome first day of school. And I know that absolutely nothing can get in my way!” Lizzy shouted from the tallest point on the pirate ship as the sun was preparing to sink toward the horizon.

02-22-16_11-31-37 AM


8 thoughts on “Chapter 5.16: First Day of School

  1. theplumbob says:

    This is so awesome! Their friendship brings 4 legacies together! I just love it!

    Also, the segment with the little girls was adorable, poor things being nervous about their first day of school,mhow precious!

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