Chapter 5.8: Don’t You Dare!

Sasha and Dexter were enjoying their honeymoon to the fullest. Sasha was used to a full house of sims, and moving in with Dexter that had not changed. Even though she loved being surrounded by family more than anything else, she was finding peace in the quiet that Granite Falls brought to her life. The first place she discovered this peace was in the bath.

“I can’t believe that I’m here,” Sasha said with a deep sigh. She had been living with Dexter and his family for a while now, because Dexter insisted on letting her focus on her own dreams before the wedding. She had been climbing the ladders in the Entertainment career before their wedding, doing very well. Dexter had been working in the Science career, using his critical thinking skills to figure out how things worked. “That wedding was such a busy event after all of the work we’ve been putting into our careers. And now I just get to sit here in the silence and listen to the rhythm of my own breathing as it harmonizes with the sounds of the crickets and the leaves as they blow in the breeze.”
11-29-15_11-24-10 PM

Dexter wanted to get a head start on discovering Granite Falls outside of the cabin. He threw his hair into a loose bun to keep it out of his face and put on some sweats and a t-shirt. “Just listen to all of this glorious silence!” He exclaimed with a sigh and a smile. Then he allowed his senses to take in everything around him, including the natural sounds that were filling his ears once he acknowledged that just because it wasn’t noise from his large family or the stereo it was still sound.

11-29-15_9-21-27 PM

Steam filled the room as Sasha continued to soak, pampering herself thoroughly. It was time for her to rinse the mask off of her face, so she splashed some of the warm water onto her skin after closing her eyes and gently began to scrub. After a brief time spent massaging her fingers in circles around her face she gave one last splash and stepped out of the tub to dry off.

“I wonder what Dexter has gotten himself into?” She asked herself out loud. She found herself wanting to fill the silence with a voice that didn’t belong to an insect, so talking to herself was a way to go about that.

She grabbed a towel and walked toward the dresser to get dressed.

11-29-15_11-24-06 PM

She left her hair braided on the front and in a ponytail and found one of her exercise outfits so she could find Dexter. It wasn’t long before she found him making a meal for them on the grill.

11-29-15_9-22-39 PM

“Thank you sweetheart,” Sasha said as she leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I didn’t even realize how hungry I was getting.”

“I mean, Llama Man would have made you dinner, so I did too,” Dexter said with a grin, puffing out his chest like a superhero.

“Are you implying that I’m a LLAMA WOMAN!?” Sasha feigned anger to tease him, but she couldn’t keep a straight face and burst out laughing when Dexter began to look genuinely worried that he had said something wrong. “I’m just kidding, Llama Man,” she chortled. “I know that you are just trying to let me know how well you know me. But you really don’t have to try so hard. You know me so well that it comes naturally.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Dexter said, stuffing a grilled pineapple into his mouth. “But I’m not going to stop trying to make you happy, my sweet sempre,” he said after he finished chewing.

Sasha looked over at him and shook her head.

11-29-15_9-26-40 PM

“How about a round of horseshoes?” Dex asked after they finished eating. “I’ll even let you go first so you have a better shot at beating me,” he coughed into his hands, “Llama Man.”

“First of all, you are not Llama Man. Llama Man never loses and you’re about to get your plum whooped.” Sasha said confidently as she tossed the first horseshoe.

“Oh, I don’t think so, Unicorn.”

“Dont’ you ever compare me with Unicorn!” Sasha screeched, missing her shot at the last second and turning to face Dexter, with a playful frown on her face. She stormed over to him and playfully grabbed him.

Dexter held her in his arms and started to tickle her. “What did you say, Uni-” he began, but she intercepted him with a playful pinch.

“I said,” Sasha’s eyes were full of a flirtatious intensity. “Don’t compare me to Unicorn.”

11-29-15_9-38-17 PM

Both of them were laughing hysterically at this point, in each others arms and holding each other as the sun fell behind the tall forest trees. Sasha took a few steps from Dexter, and they forgot all about the game of horseshoes.

But both of them were a winner that round.

11-29-15_11-14-16 PM11-29-15_11-19-09 PM


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