Waite Legacy: 2.7 The End of an Era

11-28-14_3-37 PM-2

A smelly Brené was tired after a long day of work and school, and she desperately needed a shower. However, the family needed money and the sink had broken- again. Everyone else was all busy doing who know’s what, so she got out the wrench and hammer and fixed the sink. She then scavenged for anything she could sell for some extra cash.

“C’mon, I could really use the money for my mixology…”

She found a couple of common parts that she could sell for the price of a couple of drinks, and put them in her room for safe keeping. After that she hopped into the shower to calm herself down after such a stressful day.

Her dad was aging up into an elder this evening, and she really wasn’t prepared for that at all. I mean, her Grandma Ella was still alive, yeah, but Bill died pretty early into his elder days… what if her own Grandma Ella outlived her dad!?

11-28-14_4-00 PM-9

Alexander knew the family wasn’t particularly thrilled about his birthday, so he quietly baked his own cake, made a wish for a long life for himself, and blew out his birthday candles alone.

11-28-14_4-00 PM-1411-28-14_4-00 PM-15

“Oohhh, my aching back.”

11-28-14_4-00 PM-16


11-28-14_4-00 PM-19

“I need a shower, right now.” Alexander said as he made his way toward the bathroom. Before he could get there though, his very surprised wife stopped him.

“Honey, you’ve aged into an elder. Without me? Without the kids? Without my mother?”

“Well, yeah, sweetheart, I didn’t want to stress you all out anymore than this birthday already was. I figured I would just celebrate on my own and get it over with.” That was all he really had to say on the subject of that. He quickly pulled a smooth recovery by taking his wife’s hands in his and kissing them softly. “I love you, Juniper Waite. I always will.”

11-28-14_4-00 PM-22

Juniper began to blush, and her knees buckled just a little bit.

11-28-14_4-01 PM

“I love you too, Old Man. Now, go take a shower.” … “Evil Overlord, how did I find such a catch!?” She asked as soon as Alexander was out of earshot.

Then Juniper decided to go spend some time with her family. Jazlyn was too smelly though after working out, so she was taking a shower.

11-28-14_4-08 PM

“I’ve got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insaaaane, I’ve got blank space baaa-aabby, and I’ll write your name,…” She crooned.

11-28-14_4-08 PM-2

The next morning the kids were headed off to school and little Marley was feeling quite confident. She had a pep in her step, and she knew that nothing could get in her way.

11-28-14_4-08 PM-3

In fact, the whole day was a breeze. Everything was going according to plan, and for the most part I was able to keep everyone’s plumbobs out of the red.

11-28-14_12-01 AM-2

And then it happened. Tragedy struck outside the Waite Family household at 1 a.m. Asher had just finished checking himself out in the mirror and gone to sleep moments earlier, and Ella arrived home from work when her heart stopped. She tried to catch her breath but she couldn’t seem to.

11-28-14_12-02 AM

She felt herself crumpling to the ground outside of her home.

11-28-14_12-03 AM11-28-14_12-03 AM-311-28-14_12-03 AM-4

Juniper could sense that something bad was happening and awoke with a start. “No, no please no, not my mother,” She pleaded.

11-28-14_12-04 AM-2

The reaper wouldn’t listen though. Little Marley had already tried pleading for Ella’s life, and failed. Hearing this news broke Marley’s heart, and Juniper’s. Marley’s teen birthday was the next day. What kind of affect would this have on her?

11-28-14_12-04 AM-8

11-28-14_12-04 AM-13

Juniper walked back into the house without saying a single word to Marley. She just couldn’t seem to speak right then. Marley was very sad.

The next day even Jazlyn tried cheering Marley up, and Jazlyn was the closest in the house with Marley, and she couldn’t cheer her up at all.

11-28-14_3-39 PM-2

“I just want to be left alone…” Marley complained, slouching her way out of Jazlyn’s grasp.

Later that evening, it was time for Marley’s birthday party. Everyone knew that Marley would gain another trait and an aspiration tonight- and everyone was worried. With what happened last night, and the mood she was in, it was hard to tell what would happen. Anything goes.

11-28-14_6-02 PM-6

11-28-14_6-02 PM-1011-28-14_6-02 PM-1311-28-14_6-03 PM-3

Bookworm was her trait, and the family was relieved at that, but they all gasped when they realized her aspiration: Public Enemy.

Stay tuned for chapter 2.8 😀


4 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: 2.7 The End of an Era

  1. Jes2G says:

    Ok! Lot’s of thoughts on this one. Here we go.
    1. I didn’t realize the upgrade parts were actually worth something! I have a whole bunch of them in the family inventory from dead sims. I’m gonna sell them now!
    2. I didn’t realize that Bill died early. What happened to him?
    3. Jazlyn singing Taylor Swift in the shower?! LOL, loved it!
    4. Ellaaaaa! RIP
    5. Marley is too cute to be a public enemy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Renée Lenore says:

    1. YES! Those upgrade parts aren’t worth huge amounts, but they add up FOR SURE.
    2. Bill died pretty much as soon as his bar was twinkling, as compared to Ella who lived for quite some time after the twinkly bar appeared.
    3. Jazlyn singing Taylor Swift was probably my favorite part of this WHOLE chapter. It suited her so much. Haha! I mean, seriously though.
    4. I actually cried when Ella passed away. My precious founder! :O ❤ I still miss her a lot.
    5. And I completely agree about Marley. It's just not fair!


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