Chapter 4.26: Everything Has Changed

It was the morning after the concert, and Sasha and Dexter had agreed to meet one more time before the Pruett and Holmes families left the area. The two of them met at the park where Taylor had performed and easily fell into conversation again, just like all of the previous times they had talked since yesterday afternoon.

“It’s so unfair! I’m just getting to know you, and you are already my best friend outside of people in my family, and we get along so well, and you aren’t even from here, and you have to go back.” Dexter started to complain, unsure about why or how he had formed such a strong connection with this girl that he only met one day ago.

08-16-15_8-00 PM-6

Sasha took a step closer to Dexter. “Dex, it’s okay. We can exchange phone numbers and text each other. I like talking to you too, and since we don’t live in the 1800s it isn’t very hard to keep communicating.”

Dexter smiled, “You mean, YOU want to keep talking to me too!? Even though you’re leaving?” He pointed at her with both fingers as he said this, unable to contain his excitement.

“Yeah, I do. You’re a great friend.”

08-16-15_8-01 PM-3

“You are a really good person, Sasha.”

“I try, but I guess it just comes naturally too…” Sasha replied, looking at him and feeling light and happy.

“Yeah, it definitely comes naturally to you! Anyway, I have to get home… I promised Landen that I would help him clean, and he HATES cleaning.” Dexter was sad to leave, but he was looking forward to having a person outside of the family to text. He might be a loner, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy communicating with people. He just needs to feel safe around them.

08-16-15_8-01 PM-4

Sasha sat down on the park bench before heading back to the rental house and took some extra time to process everything that had happened this weekend. She, her sister, and her cousins all had an amazing time. The music was good, the food was delicious, they got to make their own ice cream, she got to have a conversation with Taylor Swift, Cienna became friends with Lou and Landen, Sidney took out her frustration out singing along with some of Taylor’s more angry songs, Callie almost flirted with a man named Kolby, Anthony left his comfort zone to go to the lounge and wouldn’t stop talking about this mysterious red-head, and the general kindness of the whole Waite family was amazing.

When she really sat down to think about it, nothing would every entirely be the same. “Everything has changed,” she said to herself, with a chuckle.

08-16-15_8-03 PM-10

She went back home, helped to finish packing up, and with that all members of the Pruett or Holmes families that came for this trip were making their way back home.


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