Waite Legacy: 2.9

12-02-14_5-30 PM

I stared at the screen in disbelief. Public Enemy. I mean, it sort of made sense, Marley had been through a lot, but I still couldn’t believe that one of my sims would roll Public Enemy as their aspiration.

12-02-14_5-30 PM-2

Oh plum. I’ll just have to go with it. Time to get this legacy show back on the road.

12-02-14_5-40 PM

Brené decided that she accepted her sister no matter what- Marley was just going through a hard time. She was smart enough to see that, and also goofy enough to see past all of the anger.

12-02-14_5-49 PM

Jazlyn on the other hand wasn’t so sure. She was the closest to Marley, and she felt betrayed and hurt by Marley’s decision to eventually want to become enemies with everyone. This put her in a really rotten mood, and on top of that she was already exhausted.

12-02-14_5-52 PM 12-02-14_5-53 PM

The only one who seemed relatively unphased by this was Adorable Geeky Asher. He just spent a lot of time playing Sims Forever and autonomously doing his homework.

12-02-14_5-49 PM-3

Even after the “Very Sad” moodlet had gone away it seemed as though Marley was still heartbroken over the loss of Ella, and that she couldn’t save her. She mostly moped around the house, barely taking care of her own needs. I often had to control her to make sure she was fed and clean, even when her needs were in the red. Many times I found her passed out by the piano, which she loved to play- even when her needs were dropping.

12-02-14_5-53 PM-212-02-14_5-46 PM

I felt like it was time to finally build a little cemetery for the family. I placed Bill and Ella’s headstones beside each other with some wildflowers behind them. I thought it looked very simple and nice.

12-02-14_8-07 PM 12-02-14_8-33 PM-2 12-02-14_8-33 PM-3

“Let’s take a selfie with my parents’ graves.”

Meanwhile, Bill was back in the kitchen getting close to his grandson, Asher. Very close.

12-02-14_8-37 PM

“How’s school going sonny-boy?” Bill asked him, smiling brightly with a green and happy glow.

“Oh, it’s going alright… but it could be a lot better. I’ve only got a C.” Asher said, bashfully.

“But you’re a geek!” Bill chimed.

“I know. I know. It’s just really hard to focus in this house…”

12-02-14_8-42 PM

Bill went on other adventures too, like playing Sims Forever on the computer and attempting to mop the floor (like everyone else) while Jazlyn was using the restroom. Let’s just say that I had a houseful of embarrassed sims. And an embarrassed ghost.

12-02-14_8-44 PM-3

Bren here was spooked by seeing Bill. It actually made her quite tense. For being a goofball she sure has a tendency to be tense and makes really good angry faces. She always has.

12-02-14_8-46 PM

Finally Marley started feeling better and began to open up to Jazlyn.

12-02-14_8-47 PM

“I just don’t want to get hurt anymore, y’know, or hurt anyone else, and it seems like the easiest thing is to be enemies with people from the start instead of being friends.”

“Look, I know I’m insane and all, but that doesn’t make much sense, even to me. Companionship and relationships are important! I’m here for you, this family is here for you, there are people out there for you- who knows, maybe one day you might even fall in love!” Jazlyn preached, because let’s face it, that was basically a sermon.

“I don’t know, Jaz. I’m just really scared. I don’t think so.”

12-02-14_8-48 PM-2

Brené took out her ghost frustrations on the punching bag.

12-02-14_8-48 PM-4

“I just, I just don’t think I have room for love in my heart anymore.” Marley said.

“That’s terribly sad…” Jazlyn scooted back from the table and frowned, getting up from her seat and walking away.

It was time for the teens to go to school. By the way, where’s Asher!?

12-02-14_9-14 PM-6

…the geek already went to school. Figures! When the kids got home from school Bren and Jaz were of course chatting at the dining room table (autonomously) while Jazlyn did homework and Brené ate Gummy Bear Pancakes. And then…

12-02-14_9-20 PM-2


12-02-14_5-31 PM-3

HOLY PLUM! My Generation 3 babies are going to be young adults! I can’t believe it! I must throw them a birthday party! For real! Jazlyn and Brené had one day left of being teenagers, and it somehow slipped right past me- I get so many notifications in this family, especially since all of them have jobs, that I mostly ignore all of the purple boxes these days. Then I look and see that the girls have ONE day until aging up. ONE DAY. Time to plan a party.

12-02-14_9-29 PM 12-02-14_9-29 PM-2 12-02-14_9-29 PM-3 12-02-14_9-29 PM-4 12-02-14_9-30 PM

First of all, of course the sink breaks during the party. DUH. Second of all, Brené was slightly upset that she wasn’t the mixologist, but it was half her birthday party, so whatever.

12-02-14_9-31 PM 12-02-14_9-31 PM-5 12-02-14_9-31 PM-8 12-02-14_9-31 PM-11 12-02-14_9-31 PM-12

She rolled childish! CHILDISH! ❤ AHHH! SO GOOD! Brené I think I love you. I could squeeze you. Goofball, genius, childish. Eeeeep! Now it’s Jazlyn’s turn.

12-02-14_9-33 PM-2 12-02-14_9-33 PM-4 12-02-14_9-33 PM-5 12-02-14_9-33 PM-6 12-02-14_9-33 PM-12 12-02-14_9-33 PM-13 12-02-14_9-33 PM-14

Can I just say that I absolutely ADORE Jazlyn’s facial expressions? Every single facial expression she makes is wonderful. Absolutely perfect. Also, she rolled gloomy! 😀 ❤ Also wonderful. Insane, music lover, gloomy. OOOHHHH. Picking the heir is going to be so hard.

12-02-14_9-35 PM-3

There was definitely some awkward dancing. But more importantly, an unexpected guest showed up! And she was A-N-G-R-Y. So angry, in fact, that she threw a cup of slushie right into Jazlyn’s face.

12-02-14_9-36 PM

And then they danced together. 😛

12-02-14_9-37 PM-2

After the party Brené and Jazlyn were both so tired that they autonomously decided to take a nap together. AWWW.

12-02-14_10-48 PM

A couple of sim days passed, I forgot to document stuff (because I was so preoccupied with playing! Oops!), and it was time for Juniper to age up as well. I just couldn’t handle it. But she seemed excited about the whole thing- from making her cake, to blowing out her candles, even to having gray hair.

12-02-14_10-50 PM 12-02-14_10-52 PM-2 12-02-14_10-52 PM-3 12-02-14_10-52 PM-5 12-02-14_10-52 PM-7 12-02-14_10-52 PM-8 12-02-14_10-53 PM

“I’m still beautiful.”

Yes you are, Juniper. Yes you are.

12-02-14_10-55 PM-2

And so is Jazlyn.

12-02-14_10-56 PM

And so is Brené. Ohhhh… picking an heir is going to be SO hard.

12-02-14_11-08 PM

Especially when you include Asher and Marley into the mix. They’re all so unique and special.

12-02-14_11-04 PM

How am I going to decide?

12-02-14_11-01 PM

“I don’t want to be heir! I want to have a nice house, with plenty of money, and a CAS husband without Maxis genes.” Jazlyn blurts out to Juniper as soon as she aged up into an elder. “You can leave this legacy behind to someone else. I love you and all, plus you’ve done a lot for me and I am so glad I was adopted into this family, but I do not want to be the heir.”

“Jazlyn, you might end up being the heir. We’ll see. Only time will tell.” Juniper said.

12-02-14_11-09 PM-2

Marley still sleeps in Ella’s bed.

12-02-14_11-11 PM

“Okay, look, I just think that Bren would make a better heir than me. She’s more stable.”

“You’d be fine! You have a good job in the music career.”

“I just started. And Bren has a job too!”

“Yeah, washing dishes.” Juniper replied.

“There’s no shame in dish-washing. And it’s a start to her dream of being a master mixologist. You know that!”

12-02-14_11-13 PM 12-02-14_11-13 PM-2 12-02-14_11-14 PM-2 12-02-14_11-14 PM-6

Will Jazlyn be chosen as heir? Will it be Brené? Or will it be Asher or Marley?

12-02-14_11-22 PM-3

Will Marley ever stop being so down in the dumps, even though the moodlet has gone away many sim days ago?

12-02-14_11-24 PM

“Mom, Dad, what am I going to do!? This legacy is falling apart! And we’re running out of money. Plus, I don’t know who to make heir… and Asher is almost a young adult. Alexander is probably going to pass away soon, which I don’t want to think about, and I just can’t seem to sleep at all anymore.” (Never Weary trait, purchased with satisfaction points)

Stay tuned. There will be more! Chapter 2.10 is coming up.


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