Waite Legacy: 2.14

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Juniper decided she needed to get lost in a painting, and that maybe it would help her sort out all of her thoughts and emotions. She really had no idea what to do- and little did she know that right as she was painting her mother’s ghost, Ella, was working out in the very next room.

12-05-14_4-23 PM-5

“Everything,…” Ella begins to say as she pulls down the heavy weights. “…will be…fine.”

12-05-14_4-48 PM-4

Brené decided to go to the juice bar again, to see if she could find a partner. Judging by the look on her face, she may have found someone she’s interested in.

12-05-14_4-48 PM-2

Everyone, this is Patrice- and it looks like Patrice is interested too. 😉 Aww. Folks, I might be more in love with Brené and Patrice as a couple than I was with Alexander and Juniper as a couple, and that is saying something. Their chemistry is through the roof!! They kept autonomously flirting with each other.

12-05-14_4-53 PM

Jazlyn was looking on like a typical sister- thinking it was sickeningly cute.

12-05-14_4-50 PM-4

“Seriously, Bren? That’s what you’re going to say to woo her?”

12-05-14_4-53 PM-11

12-05-14_4-54 PM-512-05-14_4-55 PM-10

“A rose for my lady?” Brené asks with a wink.

Jazlyn rolls her eyes and focuses her eyes back on the television so as to stay out of it.

“May I kiss you, Patrice?”

“Yes, you may, Brené.”

“Oh, you poet…” Brené whispers seductively before laying a soft kiss on Patrice’s lips.

12-05-14_4-55 PM-1712-05-14_4-56 PM-412-05-14_4-56 PM

At first Patrice was surprised at how delicate yet passionate the kiss was, but then she settled into the perfection of it.

This was home.

Gravity disappeared.

12-05-14_4-56 PM-10

“Are you okay?” Brené asked, noticing that Patrice’s knees went a little weak.

“Oh yes, I’m more than okay… I’m wonderful. I think I’ve found the love of my life just now, Brené.” Patrice said, before she thought it all out.

12-05-14_4-58 PM12-05-14_4-58 PM-412-05-14_4-58 PM-812-05-14_4-58 PM-712-05-14_4-58 PM-612-05-14_4-58 PM-1012-05-14_4-59 PM-4

…and Jazlyn didn’t say a single word.

12-05-14_5-00 PM-3

It was nearly impossible to separate the two of them long enough to get a word in edge-wise anyway.

But then Brené needed to talk to Jazlyn.

12-05-14_5-01 PM

“Jazlyn, I really love this girl, and I am thinking about doing something crazy. I am thinking about proposing to her right now! What do you think I should do? I trust your opinion.”

12-05-14_5-01 PM-2

“That’s up to you, Bren. I mean, proposing to someone without talking about it with Mom. That’s huge… Asher’s already done that… but he got Linda pregnant, sooo… then again, if you love her, Mom will totally understand. I say go for it!”

With that, Brené decided to do the most difficult thing she had done in her life up to this point. She was going to ask for someone’s hand in marriage.

12-05-14_5-02 PM-3

“Patrice Cash, will you take my last name and be my wife?”

12-05-14_5-02 PM-5

“Are you kidding!?”

12-05-14_5-02 PM-612-05-14_5-03 PM

“No, sweetheart, I’m not. I know it’s sudden, and we only just met last night, but I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Please say yes.”

12-05-14_5-03 PM-812-05-14_5-04 PM


12-05-14_5-04 PM-212-05-14_5-04 PM-3


2 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: 2.14

    • Renée Lenore says:

      I haven’t mastered the art of “patience while simming” yet and particularly still in these chapters it was the “hug hug hug flirt flirt flirt kiss kiss kiss hug kiss flirt hug flirt hug kiss MARRY ME” type of playing once my sim found someone that they started to really connect with easily enough. … I am shifting that around though.

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