Chapter 4.2 – Daddy’s Little Loner

[Note: From this point on I will be giving each chapter a title! Other simmers in the community do it, and I’ve wanted to but for whatever reason I haven’t done it yet. I’m finally starting!]

Since the day that Dex aged up, he has been very close to his father. They both enjoy being alone, and get uncomfortable in crowds- particularly if the crowd is full of strangers. They also manage to embarrass themselves quite easily. One day, Leland walked into the play room to check on Dexter. He knew that Dex would be a teen in just a few days, and wanted to spend some more quality time with his first born son.

“Hi Dad,” Dex piped up excitedly, looking up at his dad who had just entered the room.

07-12-15_9-55 PM-2“You’re going to be a teenager in just a handful of days, champ!” Leland exclaimed, swishing his fist proudly in front of his body, trying not to think about his baby boy growing up. It’s a strange feeling, being a loner sim who doesn’t generally have anything nice to say to anyone and yet loving people so deeply- as Leland does with Meya and his children. But there is something special about Dexter. Dexter understands needing to get away from people, something that Meya will never understand.

“I’ll always be your son though, Dad,” Dexter replies with a slight shrug. “Even if I develop a trait that makes us have a harder time relating to each other, we’ll always be connected.”

Leland was amazed at how intelligent his little whiz kid was already. He just couldn’t believe it.

07-12-15_9-55 PM

07-12-15_9-55 PM-3“You may just be the smartest kid I know!” Leland said, mouth wide open in awe. “Just don’t tell your younger siblings I said that. Now that I think of it, that may have been a little harsh… considering they are my children too.”

07-12-15_9-56 PM“I love you, Dad,” Dexter said as he reached in for a hug. The next few weeks would be a bumpy ride, because eventually Dexter would have to start high school and meet all sorts of new people, and then just a few days after that Lou and Landen would have their teen birthday.

07-12-15_9-57 PMFor now, Dexter and Leland were just enjoying this moment of peace that they were able to share with each other.


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