Chapter 4.1

[Note: This is chapter 4.1 because in this chapter Leland becomes the official heir and the torch is passed to him, signaling the leadership of the 4th generation and the birth of the 5th generation!]

A few more days had gone by, and Leland and August were aging up too. There had been a lot of birthdays lately, but no one had thrown a party and the twins insisted on having one. Leland wanted to invite Meya. He wanted to let her know that he was aging up.

01-05-15_8-24 PM-301-05-15_8-25 PM-4

But to his surprise, she was already a Young Adult when she arrived.

01-05-15_8-25 PM-6

01-05-15_8-26 PM-8

Leland: I’m wearing the coolest hat in the WORLD!

01-05-15_8-26 PM-601-05-15_8-27 PMThe twins aged up, August first, and then Leland asked Meya to dance. Of course she said yes, and they made their way to the stereo. While Leland and Meya were busy dancing, August and Jolie were preparing to leave the legacy house together. They said their goodbyes to everyone, packed their things, and left.

01-05-15_8-33 PM-2After a while, Meya was getting anxious to do a little more with Leland than just dance. Eventually Meya and Leland made their way up to a bedroom in the house and made Leland’s birthday a night he would never forget.

01-05-15_8-35 PM-9Leland’s party wore both Leland and Meya out completely, and Meya ended up just sleeping over. They fell asleep in the same bed, and when Meya woke up she wasn’t feeling so good.

“Leland, honey, I think I must have eaten something bad,” She said, making her way to the bathroom.

“Are you going to be alright!?” Leland asked. “Do you need anything?”

Meya remembered slowly the events of the night before, and got a sinking feeling in her stomach. They had unsafe woohoo, because they forgot to use protection in the heat of the moment. “Oh plum, oh plum, oh plum, oh plum!” Meya muttered to herself. They were both still so young, entirely unemployed, not married, NO NO NO.

She mustered up the strength to find Leland and look him in the eyes as she asked him this favor.

“Do you think you could find a pregnancy test for me, Lee?”

Leland’s eyes got wide as he too put together the pieces from last night. “PLUM!” He thought to himself.

“Yeah! No problem!”

A little while later, after Leland went to the store and Meya waited for the results of the pregnancy test, Leland pulled out his Grandma Juniper’s wedding ring from a box upstairs. The ring was purchased well into Alexander and Juniper’s marriage, because other purchases needed to come first so early in the legacy family.

01-05-15_8-36 PM-4

Meya: “Oh plum!”

Meya walked into the downstairs foyer to find Leland, she was still in her underwear, he was still in his pajamas. They were too worried to bother changing their clothes.

“Leland,” Meya said quietly, more quietly than she had ever spoken in her entire life. “We’re going to have a baby.”

01-05-15_8-39 PM-3“Meya,” Leland approached her slowly, reaching out a hand. “Will you marry me?” And he got down on one knee right then and there, pulling out the ring that belonged to his grandmother. He presented it to Meya with shaking hands.

01-05-15_8-40 PM-201-05-15_8-40 PM-8“Of course I will marry you,” she said with a single tear streaming down her face, and a smile slowly forming on her lips. She leaned in for a soft, sweet kiss.

They decided to have the wedding right there in the house, later that day. They both changed into formal clothing, dark-themed because they were both so unique and didn’t want to deal with tradition anyway, and had a private wedding in the family sitting room. Leland would tell the rest of his family later.

01-05-15_9-23 PM-5 01-05-15_9-23 PM-6 01-05-15_9-23 PM-7 01-05-15_9-23 PM-14 01-05-15_9-23 PM-15 01-05-15_9-23 PM-18 01-05-15_9-23 PM-21 01-05-15_9-24 PM-3 01-05-15_9-24 PM-10 01-05-15_9-24 PM-13[Note from the Evil Overlord (me): They are literally the cutest in the whole world!]

Right now, in this moment, the only two people that existed in the world were the two of them.

Late that night, after the private wedding, Leland ran into his mother in the kitchen and told her everything. She was amazed at how quickly everything was happening lately. She was still reeling from the death of her wife and mother, and now her youngest son was married and expecting a child.

After that the days were full of busy preparation for the newest addition to the legacy house. 

01-06-15_6-42 PM-10“So is this what you have to walk like when you’re pregnant?”

01-06-15_6-42 PM-4Mostly Leland was being his goofball self, with just a twinge of mean-spirited mischief mixed in. He wasn’t sure how he felt about a new member of the family already. Things were kind of nice, just the four of them, as they were; Brené, Elaina, Meya, and himself. Since he became an adult he has been kind of a loner.

Meya balances him out with her very outgoing nature. She does love the outdoors though, so they will frequently be outside doing things together alone.

One night Leland cornered Elaina and challenged her to a game of chess, for old time’s sake.

01-06-15_6-51 PM-11“I can’t believe I’m going to be a father so soon.”

01-06-15_6-52 PM-3“I can’t believe it either, little brother. Personally, I don’t think I’m ever going to get married and have a family. I want to dedicate myself to my career.”

01-06-15_6-52 PM-7“I don’t even know if I want a career. I still can’t find a job.” Leland said, exasperated. “I’m going to be a father any day now, and I don’t even have a job.”

“Yeah, but Meya has been doing pretty well in the business world since she got that new job right after you two got married. Maybe you could be a stay-at-home dad and make some extra money doing creative projects or gardening?”

01-06-15_6-52 PM-16“Elaina! That’s a brilliant idea!”

“What can I say? I’m always thinking of new ways to make some extra money. One day I want to have a fortune… that’s another reason I don’t want to have kids or a spouse.”

01-06-15_6-53 PM-6The two of them got up from their chairs and shared a sibling hug.

01-06-15_6-53 PM-9 01-06-15_6-53 PM-11

“By the way, I totally beat you.” Elaina added, just as they were coming out of the hug.

“Whatever,” Leland laughed.

“I’m going to bed.”

—-A Few Sim Days Later—

Today is the day! Meya just arrived back from the hospital with little baby Dexter Waite.

01-06-15_7-13 PMAunt Elaina spent the most time with baby Dexter. She was crazy over him!

01-06-15_7-50 PM 01-06-15_7-53 PM-3And wouldn’t you know it, after another not-so-careful woohoo, Meya discovered she was pregnant again on the very same day she gave birth to Dexter.

Oh my.

01-06-15_7-51 PM

01-06-15_7-51 PM-5

Meya: “Again!? But I just popped one out!”

It’s a good thing there were so many adults in the house to help take care of Dexter. Between work and the second pregnancy Meya was frequently exhausted.

01-06-15_7-53 PM-7 01-06-15_7-55 PM-11Eventually, after several adorable family bonding moments, and less adorable diaper changes, Dexter aged up into a bit of a loner, like his dad. He was quite the whiz quid too.

01-06-15_9-31 PM-2He was a cute kid though, always helping around the house…

01-06-15_9-35 PM-8 01-06-15_9-36 PM…spending lots of time playing outdoors…

01-06-15_9-33 PM-3 01-06-15_9-33 PM-5…talking to the family’s stuffed unicorn…

01-06-15_9-32 PM 01-06-15_9-32 PM-4…and generally just being awesome and sweet.

01-06-15_9-36 PM-4He was even excited to welcome his new siblings- yes, SIBLINGS. Another set of twins in the legacy! Born on the same day he aged up were the twins, Landen and Louise.

The days passed by and before the family knew it, the twins were aging up too.

01-06-15_9-45 PM 01-06-15_9-46 PM-3 01-06-15_9-47 PMLou aged up first, followed by Landen. Louise insisted on being called Lou, because she was a self-assured, rambunctious little tomboy. Landen on the other hand was quite the softie… he loved soft colors, pink, and had a massive appreciation for the arts. He wanted to get to know all sorts of sims and have lots of friends.

06-26-15_1-20 PM-3 01-06-15_10-04 PMNow that there were three children so close in age running around the legacy house, Meya talked Leland into re-doing the home. She had a heavy influence on the design, and somehow talked him into using many bright colors, although you could still see some of his influence in the build as well, and he insisted that they keep the kitchen mostly how it was- even though she bought a new rug to go in the kitchen.

Meya got plenty of shots of the new house, some of them right when the kids were getting into their beds. Meya was most proud of the kids rooms.

06-26-15_1-21 PM-2 06-26-15_1-22 PM-2 06-26-15_1-22 PM-4 06-26-15_1-22 PM-5 06-26-15_1-23 PM-2 06-26-15_1-23 PM-3 06-26-15_1-23 PM-4 06-26-15_1-23 PM-5 06-26-15_1-24 PM 06-26-15_1-24 PM-4 06-26-15_1-24 PM-6 06-26-15_1-25 PM-3 06-26-15_1-25 PM-5 06-26-15_1-25 PM-6 06-26-15_1-25 PM-7 06-26-15_1-26 PM 06-26-15_1-26 PM-2 06-26-15_1-26 PM-4 06-26-15_1-27 PM 06-26-15_1-27 PM-4 06-26-15_1-27 PM-5 06-26-15_1-27 PM-6 06-26-15_1-27 PM-7 06-26-15_1-27 PM-9 06-26-15_1-27 PM-10 06-26-15_1-27 PM-11 06-27-15_2-10 PM[Note from the Evil Overlord: This brings us pretty much to where I’m in in-game, Brené is an elder, Elaina is an astronaut and still lives in the legacy home, Leland is unemployed and spends time with the kids and working on developing gardening skills, Meya works in business, and the kids are Dexter & the twins, Louise and Landen. All three of them are still children.]


13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1

    • Renée Lenore says:

      Thank you! 😀 I think the house might be at my favorite it’s been so far. Probably any modifications will be minor from here on out. We’ll see how that goes though, because I absolutely LOOOOVE building (despite the fact that I’m still not very good at it).


  1. theplumbob says:

    Woah, I didn’t expect so much to happen in one chapter… A joint birthday, first woohoo, a wedding, three babies and a whole house revamp, phew! The newly redecorated house looks great, and I look forward to learning more about the kids! I do wish Leland and Meya had a real wedding though, sob.

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  2. pixalqueen says:

    That shot of Dexter on the pirate shit with Oasis Springs behind it beautiful! Also Lou is so pretty! And that heart shaped pool, did that take you awhile? Love the house by the way!

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