Chapter 4.3 – Gran Gran & Grandma

Lou got up from a nap after school, and was feeling uncomfortable. She didn’t eat a snack before her nap so she was quite hungry, plus she was bored and hadn’t even started her homework.

07-13-15_9-52 AMAll she really wanted to do was play on the monkey bars. But she made an executive decision to get some yogurt instead, and made her way to the living room where Brené was sitting watching some evening news.

“Hello my sweet girl,” Brené cooed. “How are you doing today?”

“Well, just a little bit ago I wasn’t feeling too great. But maybe sitting with you and eating some yogurt will help.” Lou rambled, and then got an idea. “Do you have any funny stories to tell me? Will you tell me a story about Grandma Patrice, Gran Gran? I never got to meet her.”

07-13-15_10-05 AM-3

“Well, your Gran Gran remembers moments with Grandma Patrice as if they happened yesterday, so this shouldn’t be too hard.” Brené agreed, and jumped right into a story.

“One day, before we adopted your Aunt Jolie, your Grandma and I were practicing our mixology skills together. We would take turns. She would make a drink, and then I would make a drink. Before we knew it we had a whole slew of juice laying out on the bar in front of us, but no one here to drink any of it. So we invited some extended family and had a small party for no reason, and Patrice and I ended up getting juiced and playing with the dollhouse together for most of the night. We always knew that we wanted to have a family. The next day, we adopted your oldest aunt! Not long after we ended up adopting your Aunt Elaina too. Patrice and I never told anyone that Jolie and Elaina were named after the dolls in our dollhouse- until now, that is.”

07-13-15_10-05 AM“I can’t wait to tell Landen! Does Aunt Elaina know?!” Lou wondered out loud.

“Well, I haven’t told her,” Brené replied.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 4.3 – Gran Gran & Grandma

  1. ARoseInBloom says:

    This is such a cute chapter…I love the whole looking back stuff. That always makes me a little weepy, but it makes me smile, too because…well, we all age and looking back is a great way to commemorate life!

    Liked by 1 person

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