Chapter 5.5: The Magic of Twilight

“Did you see the look on Lan’s face when we showed up at his new place last night, saying that we needed to stay with him until our new home was up?” Dexter asked Sasha while they were on another date.

She looked at him from across the table and chuckled, covering her wide smile with her hand. “I did! But the most priceless expression would probably have to be Lou’s face when we told her that we would be staying with Landen.”

Romantic music played in the background and other couples and friends could be heard talking about babysitters or drama or in-laws. Juice was running smooth, homemade chips fresh from the oven. The aroma was wafting over to the table where Sasha was sitting with Dexter.

The sun, which had set in the western sky only moments ago, was now hidden from view although it still cast a soft glow over the town. The magic of twilight was settling in.

11-14-15_8-19-56 PM

“Dexter,” Sasha looked at him with vibrant eyes. “Where are we going to have our wedding? Will we just get married at the house, or is there somewhere else to have such a large event?”

Dexter had been thinking about this for a while, and wanted to change it up a little bit. Most of the family, if not all of the family, had gotten married on the home lot. “I haven’t finalized anything, but I am hoping that we will be able to use this incredible new venue in Willow Creek, near the park…”

11-14-15_8-17-34 PM

Sasha squealed, “That would be perfect!”

“If you like the idea so much, I can book it and we can have the wedding tomorrow!” Dexter said, suddenly feeling as though he could hear the music that Sasha hears on a regular basis. It was sweet, flirtatious even, but there was a deep and loyal undertone where the bass hit steadily as if to say ‘this is right.’ Follow the drums, Dexter thought. “The house is still being redone, so we can just go on a honeymoon to Granite Falls after the wedding…”

Sasha interjected excitedly, “I’ll call my family and start getting things set up right now!”


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