Waite Legacy: 1.4

11-20-14_6-23 AM

As a teen sim, Juniper instantly took to music and wanted to play an instrument very badly. Ella and Bill threw some of their saved simoleons together and bought her a red violin for her birthday. Red was Ella’s favorite color, so much of the house was red- if you couldn’t tell by now. The gift was a bit late, but Juniper appreciated it nonetheless and practiced her heart out.

11-20-14_7-17 AM-6

Juniper also worked out a lot, because her parents were active and she was a rambunctious scamp as a child. The upbringing she had wasn’t going to just slip away from her that easily, even though she was a creative, music loving sim that wanted a big happy family someday. For now though, she needed to focus on her homework because she was just a teen. She could also focus on honing her skills to help in future careers, she probably wouldn’t have a lot of time for gaining skills between going to work and taking care of all those kids she wants to have so she better gain a lot of skills now.

11-20-14_6-48 AM

Ella was sitting on the couch eating dinner while Ella finished up her homework on the floor, because they still didn’t have the simoleons to put toward a dining room table. They were always prioritizing other things, such as skill objects and fun. Life is short, and dining room tables just aren’t as important to the Waite clan as spending time together and gaining life experiences. Maybe one day there would be a dining room table, but for now they had a couch and a perfectly good hardwood floor, not to mention a desk if they really needed it.

11-20-14_7-22 AM-2

Ella changed into her workout gear, but before she could get up to go exercise her daughter sat down to chat with her. But then Bill interrupted. “I need to have the WooHoo talk with you, young lady.” Ella looked up to me and sighed.

“Evil Overlord, what do I do now!? She’s going to hate him!”

She won’t hate him, the anger will wear off. Trust me. We’ve almost all been there…

11-20-14_7-23 AM-3

“Hey, Mom, will you play chess with me, please? I need to get my mind off of what Dad was going on about…”

“Sure honey… sure. I love a good game of chess. There’s nothing that good old fashioned logic can’t solve.”

11-20-14_7-23 AM-8

11-20-14_7-24 AM-2

11-20-14_7-24 AM-4

11-20-14_7-24 AM-6

Of course, even though Ella was an astronaut she was often tired at the end of her long days, so she decided to cheat so that she could keep her winning streak going against her daughter.

“Hey, I think your Dad is giving your brother the WooHoo talk now!”


“Yeah, maybe I was wrong. My eyesight is getting worse you know…”

“Look, I’m trying to get my mind off of that subject… and now I’ve also lost the game. Maybe I should do something else.”

“Yeah, okay. Sorry JuneBear.”

11-20-14_7-52 AM

Juniper decided to read a book for extra credit, because extra credit never hurt anyone. And on a side note, Bill was really packing on the pounds!

11-20-14_8-39 AM-3


With the chess match finished, Ella was finally able to go work out like she wanted to earlier.

11-20-14_9-15 AM


And the basically forgotten not actually needed spare, Noah, aged into a teen sim. He rolled for the trait Foodie and the aspiration Curator. I feel kinda bad because I really have forgotten all about him for the majority of the time. He just slips in and out of the background and takes care of himself… he’s a really easy sim to take care of, and I rarely take photographs of him because he’s so… boring. He looks really handsome in this photograph though! It’s too bad things couldn’t work out for him.

 11-20-14_8-54 AM-3

Then Juniper aged into an adult and rolled Family Oriented (at least that will help with her aspiration!).

11-20-14_9-14 AM

Next up on the list was Ella, aging into an elder sim! 😥 *wipes a tear away from face* I’m going to be really sad about this.

Stick around for the next chapter coming up, to see what happens when Juniper is an adult. Now that Ella is an elder she has officially declared that Juniper is the heir for the legacy, and generation 2 is taking over.


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