Chapter 4.29: Ambitious Adventures

Dexter sat down next to his younger brother, Landen, with a full mind.

10-26-15_11-12-57 PMHe couldn’t seem to take his mind off of the night that he met his best friend, Sasha Pruett. She seemed to light up the place everywhere she went, and he felt so safe talking to her- despite his social anxiety. He was still upset that he had such a brief time spent with her in person, and wished she had grown up down the street instead of world’s away.
Sasha_flashback“She is just so… bright! Luminous! It’s as though she carries joy deep within her and it radiates outward and calms my nerves…” He thought to himself, blissfully unaware that his brother was looking at him and knew something was going on.
10-26-15_11-16-12 PM“So, what are you thinking about, dear brother?” Landen asked, but he was holding back laughter as he asked the question. Finally he couldn’t even hold it in anymore and he burst out laughing as Dexter awkwardly took a bite of his cookie. “C’mon, you can tell me. I swear on my creative spirit, I won’t tell if you don’t want me too.” Landen added after he calmed down from his fit of laughter.
10-26-15_11-14-14 PM

“You really expect me to tell you what is weighing on me after you just laughed at me like that?” Dexter asked, looking over to his brother who had conveniently buried his nose into his homework to avoid answering the question.

“Really?” Dexter probed, not sure if he wanted to tell someone else what was on his mind, because he wasn’t quite sure exactly what was transpiring in the deep mines of his newly hatching plan. “You’re going to sit there and pretend that you didn’t just laugh at me?”
10-26-15_11-13-31 PM
“You just had such a pensive look on your face- but there was also a strange happiness to it. It was more unusual than your typical deep thinking faces.” Landen responded coolly, looking back up from his book.

“Okay, alright, I’ll tell you. But this idea isn’t fully formed yet… and it’s also full of memories from when I was a teen that I just can’t seem to shake.” Dexter said, cruising right on past the part where he had aged up into a young adult, gaining the Ambitious trait. He didn’t feel like having a party, and nothing particularly notable happened when he aged up. In fact, no one in the house remembered to take pictures so everyone often forgot that he had aged up.

“Does it have anything to do with-” Landen started to talk, but Dexter cut him off.

“Before you go hurting yourself with too much guesswork, how about you let me explain it myself?”
10-26-15_11-14-53 PM“Do you remember when Taylor Swift came to town?” Dex asked, holding his hands up in front of him in a questioning manner.

“Yeah,” Lan replied.

“Well, I remember that day so vividly. Actually, that whole weekend. I’ve changed for the better because of that weekend, and it’s because Sasha, who is my best friend, made a decision to travel such a long distance to come and see Taylor Swift. If Sasha hadn’t traveled all of this way, I never would have met my best friend…”
TSwift_flashback“…Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing that Taylor Swift was in town, but somehow I am more grateful for the experiencing of meeting a kindred spirit than for seeing a Taylor Swift concert.”


“She was so excited to be eating with Taylor Swift… how could I forget this moment?”

“And so I’ve been thinking a lot about traveling, and seeing the world, y’know, before I take on this whole legacy heir thing. I want to figure out what my real life goals are… how am I going to do that if I don’t go see the world?” Dex pondered aloud.

All of this was holding Landen’s focus quite well. His creative spirit was fully engrossed in his older brother’s musings. 
10-26-15_11-14-37 PM
“I mean, there is just SO much out there to see!” Dexter raised his hands up into the air in excitement, and Landen smiled. He had never seen his brother behave or think so boldly. This Sasha must bring out the ambition in him. But Dexter wasn’t thinking about it in precisely that way. He was more focused on the connectivity of things, and what causes interactions to happen how they do, and how birds can sense each other and move in fluid patterns alongside each other without running into each other.
10-26-15_11-15-30 PMLan felt like he finally understood what Lou was always going on about, and could see that Dexter deeply cared about this Sasha Pruett girl.
10-26-15_11-15-56 PM“I mean, what could it hurt to travel for a little bit, right?” Dexter asked.

Landen just smiled approvingly.
10-26-15_11-16-34 PM Sasha_and_Dex_flashbackSo of course, he immediately sent Sasha a text message. He detailed his plans for traveling, and was delighted by her response.

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 4.29: Ambitious Adventures

  1. theplumbob says:

    Oh my gosh, Dex in that third picture! ❤ You can tell he's head over heels for Sasha, but it's wonderful that he's thinking about it all in a much bigger context. That way, no matter how their relationship develops he'll definitely be enriched 🙂

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