Chapter 4.6 – The Impatience of Youth

In the afternoon Landen sat down with Meya to play a game of chess, taking a break from his creative endeavors of figuring out the perfect ratio of glitter and macaroni noodles.
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“Landen, honey, I don’t know how to tell you this, but one day when you and your siblings are older, one of you is going to be chosen as the heir of this legacy- to take over so that we can relax before we eventually pass on. I know you don’t handle conflict well, and your sister, Lou, well, she can be a bit competitive. But this isn’t really a contest, and I want you to be aware so you don’t get hurt in the process. Your father and I don’t know who will be the heir yet, and if Lou finds out we’re selecting one of you to carry on the traditions of this family she might get a little reckless.” Meya says to Landen, who is listening quite seriously, with brows furrowed and hands placed firmly in his lap.

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Once Meya had finished laying it out for him, Landen thought for a brief moment, and spoke as he moved a chess piece, “Well, thank you for telling me this information. But I really don’t see what they big deal is. I just want to make art!”

Meya felt a soft smile forming on her lips. “Honey, you can make all the art you want; although, if you are chosen as heir you will have to prioritize the legacy. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make art, but it does mean that if something happens and we lose a lot of simoleans, you may have to consider art-making as a hobby or sell commissions for a living- which isn’t always incredibly ideal for you dreamer types.”

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“Well, then, it’s simple,” Landen said. He folded his hands in front of him and proceeded to beg Meya not to choose him for the heir. “Lou or Dexter would both be awesome choices. I really don’t want to be the heir. Pleeeeaaase.”

Meya was a little bit shocked that Landen would turn this opportunity down so quickly, before it was even officially offered to him. She raised her hands to her mouth, then chuckled, and remembered who she was talking to. “Okay, I’ll keep that request in mind. But how about you wait until you are a little older and have more of life figured out before you go totally determining what you do and don’t want out of life?”

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Lou had been approaching quietly from the other room and heard the tail end of this legacy heir conversation. “Would you pleeeease pick me as heir, Mommy!? Dex will probably be too busy with his nose in a book or playing chess to even notice!”

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Meya looked at her only daughter. “Lou, honey, there are so many factors that go into this decision. And ultimately your father is the one who has to make it anyway, not me. He’s the current heir- besides, you have to wait a while before we make a decision. We probably won’t tell you until you’re either very late in your teen years, or even a young adult.”

“Aw man!” Lou cried out exasperatedly. She hung her head low and covered it up with her hands in frustration. Lou was not particularly patient. “I don’t want to wait that long!”

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