Chapter 4.7 – Elaina Leaves Young Adulthood Behind

With all of the talk about Dexter aging up into a teen soon, everyone in the house had forgotten all about Elaina’s birthday until she excitedly proclaimed what special day it was. Brené quickly planned a party and invited as much of the family as she could, then made an elegant cake like her mother, Juniper, had taught her to make.

07-13-15_10-25 PM

Alastor Novak (cousin): I look ridiculous with these socks on… why didn’t I do my laundry?

Cousin Alastor, Asher Waite’s first-born son, looks quite glum as he strolls into the legacy house.

07-13-15_10-26 PM-2Marley (young baby Marley is an ELDER now!? WOW!!) and Asher make their way up the front steps, and Marley seemed a bit irked to be here; the whole family was surprised that she didn’t try to start a fight with someone. Behind them is a very special guest.

07-13-15_10-26 PM-4

That’s right! Jolie has come back for a visit, and is looking just as beautiful as always. She was looking left and right to see if she could spot her little sister, before making her way into the kitchen where she heard some conversation.

The whole evening was full of merriment and family, and finally it was time for Elaina to make a wish and blow out the candles.

“Wooooo!!! I have the bestest little sister in the whole world! And now we’re BOTH going to be adults! We can BOTH talk to Elicanto and Flarn if we want to!”

07-13-15_10-27 PM-6She spun beautifully into adulthood and Jolie tried having a conversation with the confetti, which thoroughly confused Elaina.

“Elicanto, Flarn,” Jolie asked into the billows of confetti, searching for those who seemed to everyone else to be lost.

07-13-15_10-27 PM-7

The whole family ate cake until they could barely move, but before heading off to sleep Brené, Meya and Leland had a very important planning meeting.

Brené started the discussion by reminding everyone that there would be two more birthday parties coming up. “We’ve got one for Dexter tomorrow, and then three days later we’ll have to have another party for Lou and Landen.”

“But what if we just don’t throw them birthday parties? Ehhh, ehhh? Then we don’t have to make cake, OR buy presents!” Leland thought he was being funny, but his humor held a bit of a mean edge to it.

Meya turned to look at Leland. “Lee, of COURSE we’re going to have parties for them. They deserve to have special celebrations of their lives.”

“Well, when you put it that way.” Leland sighed, turning to look back over to his mom.

07-13-15_10-32 PM

“How did you deal with having four kids and celebrating our birthdays!?” He asked, incredulously.

“Honestly, I loved having the parties because it gave me a chance to practice my mixology skill. But, looking back, I definitely ate too much cake.” She replied, with a chuckle.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 4.7 – Elaina Leaves Young Adulthood Behind

    • Renée Lenore says:

      Well, Elicanto and Flarn are actually two of the voices that insane sims hear sometimes. If you hover over the moodlet-y stuff, then it will show the name of the voice. But also, in my headcanon, Jolie is pretty game-aware (perhaps because of her insane trait, too, anyway) and she reads the Wolff legacy when she has time. So she doesn’t really know them, but she THINKS that she does. And she thinks that they talk to her and tell her to do things, and can take on many shapes. But at least, that’s how the ideas of Jolie and her voices manifest in my mind.

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    • Renée Lenore says:

      Aww! Thank you. ❤ I love it too… I think it comes from watching a lot of sitcoms and reading a lot of poetry. Endings that aren't quite cliffhangers, but just kind of hit a certain spot, make you chuckle, or sniffle, or get you prepared for whatever is coming next. I don't know. It's something that I've always kind of done. I think I talk like that too. 😛

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