Chapter 5.27: Older

02-29-16_11-22-00 AM.png

What is all of this talk about “older” or “more mature” all about? Dexter may not be as young as he once was in number of trips around the sun. He may have a new hair cut, and might be letting some facial hair grow. He might even be choosing to wear different clothing. But he isn’t that much older than he was just a week ago, really. Only a week older. Why is this week any different than last week? Is it because his number aged with him this week?

Dexter has spent much of his life analyzing little details. It is just this attention to detail that makes him so successful in the science career track. All of those hours alone, tinkering, questioning, testing. It’s no wonder he received that promotion. He works harder and longer than almost anyone there, with a focus like no one in this town has ever seen before.

And now he has two lovely children, and a beautiful niece. He has been realizing how much time he spends at work, and though he loves earning promotions he is developing a new kind of ambition. He wants to take more time with his family now. Be here to mentor them as they grow. He wants his successors to be successful. Is there going to be an easy way to manage both his career and his long-term familial goals? Will he live long enough to see his children reaching the tops of their careers and mastering skills?

Will he reach the top of his career, or master any of his skills?


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