Chapter 4.11 – How Does It Feel?

07-21-15_7-00 PM-4“So, Dex, how does it feel to be a teenager?” Leland asked his eldest son as they sat around the dinner table. “I think I even see a zit or two developing.”

Louise laughed at her father’s mean comment, ready to jump in on teasing her brother. Before she could cut in though, Dexter said this thing that is kind of amazing.

“Yeah, I probably will have a few zits, but that is totally normal. And besides, I mostly feel how I felt as a child, but I think that I’m a little bit more aware of the world around me, and that this awareness is affecting the way that I perceive things. I’ll always be a loner, but my horizons will expand as I age.”

Meya was speechless, wondering where all of this knowledge came from, until she remembered that her children have grown up with Brené, Dexter, Elaina and herself, all showing them many different ways to live their lives.

Landen looked at his older brother, “Do you think that I’ll still be able to wear my favorite pair of pink jeans when I’m a teenager?”

Everyone at the table smiled, and Dexter responded, “They might feel a little tight.”


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