Chapter 5.28: Just You Wait

Dexter was hard at work out in the garden, working to make sure that future generations would continue to be able to choose lives that fulfill them, because it is what they want to do, not because they need to make money. It helps that like many before him in this family, Dexter loves being outdoors and working within nature.

03-05-16_6-19-42 PM

Speaking of future generations, a certain infant aged up while no one was looking. Julius sprung forth out of his bassinet, shimmering and wriggling in excitement for all the world has to offer, and felt his feet land lightly on the ground. He rolled the creative trait and felt deep within his heart a desire to reach out and form a community of friends.

This youngster was going to bring several new faces to this plot of land.

“I’m going to fight for friendship! Just you wait!” He called from the pirate ship in the backyard.

03-05-16_6-18-47 PM


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