Chapter 3.5

So much has happened since we last visited the Waite Family, and Brené just doesn’t feel like she can tell the story. As much as she has loved being the voice behind the legacy, she made the decision to ask me to share the updates. So, as Evil Overlord with a very soft heart, I obliged.

Moments were sweet in the house with twin boys, a young girl, and a teenage girl running around. Patrice was as cheerful as ever, and loved every moment with all four of her children and her wife. Brené also loved precious moments with her children. But it seemed that no one loved moments with the kids more than Juniper.

01-02-15_2-50 PM-3

Juniper was often found sitting at the table chatting with Jolie and Elaina, or in the backyard playing Sea Monster with August and Leland.

01-02-15_2-57 PM-701-02-15_2-55 PM-2

It seemed though, that she had quite the soft spot for Elaina. She gave her the most hugs.

01-02-15_2-58 PM

It could be because Ella, Juniper’s mother, also had a soft spot for Elaina. Ella would come in the evenings and sit with Elaina while she had a late-night snack, and Elaina would share a joke or two. Elaina decided then and there, as a child, that she wanted to be an astronaut like her Great Grandmother Ella was. Ella would share all kinds of stories about space with her, and how active you needed to be to make a good astronaut. Elaina was very active, so of course this would be her new goal.

01-02-15_3-06 PM-13

Despite how careful Juniper was as an elder, Brené wasn’t sure she was careful enough.

“You’re getting really old Mom. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you, not right now. Elaina’s birthday is coming up. You know what happened to Marley after Grandma Ella passed away.”

Juniper assured her that everything would be fine. “Everything happens for a reason, and in it’s due time, my darling. I know that now. Just look at the happiness you have found with Patrice. Here I thought you would be an old spinster, but you found love and a family.”

Before we knew it it was Elaina’s teen birthday, and she aged up quite beautifully. She realized that another reason she wanted to be an astronaut was to be able to collect beautiful images of space to hang on her walls. She had developed a great appreciation for the arts, and loved looking at paintings and sculptures.

Elaina was just about to join August and eat a slice of cake when she heard a commotion coming from across the room, by where the stairs were. She hurried to see what was wrong, and when she got there she gasped.

She saw her moms there with the grim reaper, and her Grandma Juniper collapsed on the floor. Surely it was too soon! She was only a teenager, and just today. It was her BIRTHDAY for crying out loud. Speaking of crying out loud, the whole family was sobbing loudly enough that the neighbors could probably hear them.

01-02-15_3-49 PM-9

Brené pleaded for her mother’s life, but the Reaper was cold and denied her pleas. “You’re a fool if you think I’d show any kindness to this family. Didn’t you learn when your sister Marley tried to plea for your grandmother Ella? It just isn’t going to happen.”

01-02-15_3-50 PM-7

Brené was defeated, and sadness fell upon her shoulders very quickly. She made her way upstairs, and Patrice followed her in an attempt to try to cheer her up, although Patrice was very sad herself. Elaina found herself walking toward the family graveyard, August and Leland went up to their rooms, and Jolie stayed behind to give the Grim Reaper a piece of her mind.

“Nobody talks to my mother like that! I don’t care if you are the master of death or not! You better think about what you said, and next time, maybe act a little differently.”

01-02-15_3-52 PM-2

The Reaper just gave an evil smile and left, without a single word.

Brené couldn’t handle the pressure of the sadness and came back downstairs to the bar to be alone and mix herself a drink. She needed to get out of her own head for a while. Maybe later she’d call the sadness hotline, but for now, she was going to drink away her sorrows whether it was right or wrong.

Brené found herself aging into an adult in her sadness in the days that followed, not remembering to make herself a birthday cake. As she was making herself another drink on another sad day, her daughters did everything they could to cheer her up.

“It was Grandma’s time,” Jolie said, with tears welling up in her eyes.

“She just couldn’t hold on any longer.” Elaina said, even though she was missing her best friend every single day.

“I know girls,” Brené responded. “I just want to be alone and practice my mixology.”

01-02-15_6-29 PM-5 01-02-15_6-29 PM-10

So the girls got up and left, while Brené stayed behind and worked on some serious mixology skill. She was lighting drinks on fire, stacking bottles, and generally burying her bad mood in her favorite hobby. She was so close to completing her aspiration of being a Master Mixologist, she could almost taste it. Each drink tasted better and better, and before she knew it she had completed her goal.01-02-15_6-32 PM-5

The next morning, Brené felt much better – although she was still a little bit sad. She knew that things would never be the same without her mother around, but she also realized that life moved on and these were just how things had to go. She and her wife had four beautiful children, and one of those children wanted to be an astronaut someday, so Brené decided to pull out her handy tools and get to work setting up the family’s first rocket. One day Elaina would use this frequently as she became an astronaut.

As she built, Leland played outside on the monkey bars and Jolie comforted a mourning August. Jolie was often in the new family cemetery. It was a beautiful place to think, and Jolie found some sort of comfort there with her deceased relatives.

Brené came inside after working on the rocket and found Leland in the kitchen. She knelt down beside him and gave him a huge hug. Before she let go, she looked and him and smiled, “Leland, honey, I know that right now you are very young, the youngest in the family in fact, but I want to tell you something in case anything happens to me before I get a chance to. I want you to be the heir to this family legacy. Your grandmother Juniper had a very difficult time choosing the heir, and that led to a lot of struggle in the house as we four siblings all got to be young adults. After thinking about it, you remind me the most of her, and I want to honor her by choosing you as the heir. I also want to honor her by allowing Elaina to stay in this house as long as she wishes to. Your grandmother LOVED Elaina. Do you understand?”

01-02-15_10-55 PM-2Leland looked at his mother with wide eyes, full of newfound responsibility and confusion, but he nodded and said, “Yes, ma’am.”

“You have a lot of hard work ahead of you son, and it’s not all going to be easy.” Brené added.

“It’s okay! I’m already almost finished with my rambunctious scamp aspiration, and I’m only halfway through my childhood years. That ZZ Juice really works!” Leland exclaimed, proudly, with a goofy smile spread across his face.

Then he went on to tell Brené some silly little joke that only a goofball would be able to come up with, and Brené being a goofball herself completely understood, laughing.

Later, Brené found Patrice and shared the joke that Leland came up with. “Patrice, I bought my friend an elephant for her room, and she said, ‘Thanks!’ I said, ‘Don’t mention it.’”

Patrice, not being a goofball, had some difficulty understanding it at first, but then she got it and cracked up laughing.

Meanwhile, Leland was outside on the jungle gym proclaiming to the world his heirship. “I’m going to be the first male heir in this legacy!”

01-04-15_3-39 PM-2

Jolie was inside, talking to herself in the mirror, after aging up into a young adult. Now that she was 18 she started talking to herself more and more, especially in the mirror or in the cemetery. She would cry for no reason, yell for no reason, and become flirty with herself.

“Today is MY day,” Jolie said to herself in the mirror, confidently. As soon as she said that, she got very upset with her reflection and started yelling at herself. “NO! It’s MY day, NOT YOURS.”

But it wasn’t Jolie’s day, for her birthday was a few days earlier. In fact, it was August’s and Leland’s day. They would be teenagers within just a few hours, and of course Patrice was right there to celebrate with them.

August was up first, and he became quite the hot-head.

Then it was Leland’s turn, and he aged up to have a rather mean spirit.

Despite everything, the twins were rather grumpy teenagers – or maybe because of everything. The loss of their grandmother sent the whole house into turmoil, their oldest sister was insane, their mom’s were always working even when they weren’t at work, and August was upset that Elaina spent more time with Leland, which gave Leland a bigger ego than he already had.

There were many arguments in the house, but ultimately the house was still full of love. As the bond between August and Leland grew thinner, the bond between Leland and Elaina grew stronger.

01-04-15_7-42 PM-3 01-04-15_9-18 PM-3

August simply found solace in his oldest sister, Jolie, who barely wanted to spend time with anyone else anyway. Jolie thought that August was some kind of seasonal god, and was glad to spend time with him. She didn’t care much for anyone else these days, but frequently found herself spending time with August.

And sooner than we all thought it would come, Patrice’s elder birthday was upon us. Patrice was much older than Brené, and so she was aging up.

With it came some unfortunate news, however…

On Patrice’s first day of being an elder, after an intense workout, Brené invited her to try some rocketship woohoo. I was just as shocked as Brené was when Patrice collapsed onto the ground outside of the rocketship and the Grim Reaper showed up. [I had no idea that Patrice had been working out! Maybe she wasn’t, but why else would she have died so suddenly after woohoo!?]

01-04-15_10-16 PM 01-04-15_10-17 PM-3

As usual he wouldn’t oblige the family and allow Patrice’s life to be spared when plead for, so Patrice’s grave joined the family plot and Brené found more sadness.

Although Brené found sadness and lost love, someone else was finding love. Leland met a young girl at the park one day before school, and they really hit it off. She was stunningly adorable, and Leland fell quickly. He did want to try being friends first, but really there wasn’t much use.

01-04-15_10-30 PM-5

“I’m Leland Waite,” Leland said.

“You can just call me Meya.” She replied, with a wink.

She showed up at his house the very same day after school! He had barely gotten his homework done, but he rushed to meet her at the door so he could invite her inside.

01-04-15_10-36 PM-3

“How about a rousing game of chess!?” He asked, enthusiastically.

01-04-15_10-37 PM-2

“Sure, why not!?” She responded just as intensely.

01-04-15_10-37 PM-3

After a while of playing chess, both of them decided that they didn’t want to be just friends and asked each other out on a date at the same time. They laughed, and ended up going to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, where Leland’s mothers met.

01-04-15_10-37 PM-5 01-04-15_10-39 PM-6

The two had the time of their lives, and it was as if they had known each other forever. Plus, there was something so incredibly alluring about Meya that Leland just couldn’t resist.

01-04-15_10-44 PM-2 01-04-15_10-44 PM-3 01-04-15_10-45 PM 01-04-15_10-45 PM-3 01-04-15_10-46 PM-2 01-04-15_10-47 PM-12 01-04-15_10-48 PM-5

By the end of the date they were officially dating.

Leland of course had to tell his brother as soon as he got home.

“I swear, she’s the most incredible person I know!”

“How many people DO you know, little brother?” August asked in response to that.

Leland cocked his head to the side, thought about it, and said, “Yeah, so I don’t know that many people outside of this family, but she’s still incredible.”

Meanwhile, Patrice had stopped in for a visit and was graciously doing the dishes. She truly went too soon, and the whole family misses her regular presence. (I still feel so guilty!)

01-05-15_6-28 PM-3

A couple of days had passed and it was Brené’s elder birthday. She gracefully aged up alone, wanting the peace and quiet, and decided immediately to start playing piano. Maybe one day she could write a song for Patrice.

01-05-15_7-44 PM-601-05-15_7-44 PM-1101-05-15_7-46 PM

Now that Elaina was an adult and working in the astronaut career, she and Ella had even more to talk about when Ella would come to visit. (It is adorable watching them share these moments together.).

01-05-15_7-52 PM-2

[There will still be another chapter or two before the blog is caught up to where I am in-game. ALSO, WOW, so sorry. There are 2,000+ words in this chapter.]


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  1. cathytea says:

    I’m so happy that Leland is the heir! That’s great and it will be so much fun. Sorry that you had two appointments with Grim in this chapter. I also really liked the way you told this–covering a lot of events in a single chapter works really well sometimes, and it did here! 🙂

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    • Renée Lenore says:

      Yeah, I really wanted to cover as much as I could while still keeping it relatively condensed. It’s definitely been interesting with Leland, because he’s a mean goofball! But I love him.

      I can’t wait to get more chapters uploaded. It’s still not quite caught up with where I’m at, but it will be soon I hope.

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      Opps meant to write more to that LOL don’t know what happened there. But great chapter! The length worked well as it flowed. That Grim is a totally meanie!

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