Chapter 4.34: Bliss

Meya Waite (née Valmer) stood on the back patio preparing a meal for dinner. She recognized now that she was getting older, and that soon she and Leland would take on elderhood together.

Her youngest were going to become young adults tomorrow, and right now her oldest son, Dexter, was taking his best friend out on a date where it was very likely that he would propose.

11-14-15_5-00-43 PM

The bliss was so deeply affecting Meya that she didn’t even bother to worry about how dirty the grill was becoming. Thoughts of Sasha and Dexter finding each other across such a distance filled her romantic heart with joy and tenderness. It was truly a love story greater than any this legacy had seen so far. Meya, being married into the family, didn’t know all of the history, but being a gushy romantic she knew all about the love stories.

She smiled as she counted through them all to where the family was now.

11-14-15_5-00-40 PM

Ella Waite, the founder, was having difficulty finding a flame with any of the men she met at the bar on her first night in town. Then, she met Bill. Despite Bill’s mean tendencies, it was love at first sight- Meya herself could understand the realities of being head over heels in love with a sim who holds meanness in their identities. The romance was whirlwind and Ella had nothing but her love, her heart, and a huge piece of land to offer him, but they forged an incredible life in record time.

Juniper, the next heir, broke all the rules by falling in love with someone that she could never be with- it wasn’t in the cards, the laws of the legacy forbade it- but she followed her heart and married Alexander Goth anyway. Because of this, Brené was born and she changed the rules altogether when she came out to her mother as a lesbian and married Patrice. Meya took a moment to remember what it was like to know Brené and Patrice, and soaked in how deeply their love ran for each other. 

Truly it was this relationship that taught even Leland, a mean sim, how to love, and be in a healthy relationship. The relationship was also tragic, because even though nothing negative came their way for being gay (no one in the family would have allowed that to happen) it ended too quickly when Patrice lost her life on the first day of elderhood due to overexertion. Brené never fell in love with another sim after that, but she held onto happiness for her family.

Leland and I simply met at the park, felt incredible chemistry, and fell in love as we worked through the consequences of an unexpected pregnancy. Ours was a learned love and respect that started with passion and is settling into safety and comfort- and despite Leland’s anti-social and mean-spirited tendencies, respect. We completely respect and trust each other, but we were initially pushed together by something bigger than both of us. A new life that we both deeply wanted to show love to, and provide safety and warmth for.

But Dexter and Sasha? These two have taken their time. They knew each other for years before they were even able to go on this date. They are best friends, and they complement each other so well. Personally, I will be surprised if they come back from this date and Dex hasn’t proposed.

Meya was pulled from her dreamy thoughts when Landen walked out the back door and asked if dinner was almost ready.

“Yes, it’s perfect.” She said to him, scooping each burger onto a plate to carry them into the house. Everything is perfect.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.34: Bliss

  1. Jes2G says:

    Everything is picture perfect! You know…I’m digging this dragging out their story. Some may be annoyed by it because it’s taking longer to get to the point. However, the fast we get to the point, the faster we get to the end of their lives and on to the next. I see this quick little cliff hangery bits like stopping to smell the roses…taking the time to taste the Welch’s (as the old commercial jingle used to say lol)…taking the scenic route! Yes, let’s enjoy the beauty that is their epic relationship! No need to rush through a proposal and rush through a wedding and rush to get pregnant. I feel like taking cues from them!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ARoseInBloom says:

    Aw! I loved the love summary. And the awareness that it comes to Sims (and people) at different times and in different ways. We all experience love differently, but that never makes it less special or important.

    Liked by 1 person

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