Chapter 5.52: Delightfully Dexter

Dexter was deeply satisfied with his life. He was making great strides in the science career, he had two great kids and a niece and nephew that he loved, and he had been lucky enough to marry his best friend. His house was large and paid for, he had a fantastic relationship with his sister, and he even got to see his younger brother from time to time.


He was walking through the foyer when he realized just how long it had been since he had taken his wife on a date, though. The kids were still children when they went on their last date, and Emil hadn’t even been born yet. Sasha’s hair was starting to go grey, and his own hair was starting to thin- he had to keep cutting it shorter and shorter to keep it looking sharp and clean.

Between the passion each of them shared for their careers, the schedules that were never quite in sync, and the kids Dexter and Sasha had been spending less time together. Even Sasha had pointed out the other morning at breakfast that she had been spending more time with his sister than with him.

Maybe I should have married Lou,” she joked, giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek as he prepared to leave for work.

Dexter smiled as he remembered how his wife’s lips felt on his cheek. He laughed when he remembered what she said after the kiss. “She doesn’t have any facial hair either.

But Dexter didn’t want to shave. He said that his facial hair was all of the hair that couldn’t stay on his head making a last attempt not to leave him behind completely. However, for Sasha, he would shave. If she asked him to. He even suggested it and she laughed and told him she was only teasing. She was getting used to the prickly scruff.

I would almost miss it,” she smiled.

Their most exciting conversations had turned into jokes about his facial hair.

At the next available time Dexter was going to take his beautiful wife out to dinner. He was going to make her feel 25 again.


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