Waite Legacy: 2.6 [Update-Rush-Madness/Screenshot Dump]

I’m sorry in advance but this is going to be very, very rushed and basic information. I want it here because I want to be able to look back at all of it, and because it may be helpful for you all in the upcoming chapters to know what’s going on in the in between stages here, but for the most part it’s going to be choppy and just plain simple. I do think some of the screenshots and captions will be worth it though, so give it a chance. 😉 You might just smile.

11-27-14_3-18 PM

First of all, Brené loves the new kitchen. I mean, LOVES it. I’m surprised she’s not a foodie with the amount of time she spends cooking in the kitchen and mixing drinks at the bar in the dining room. Brené isn’t the only one who loves the kitchen though…

11-27-14_10-43 PM

Our two lovebirds, Juniper and Alexander, can often be seen stealing kisses in the kitchen. It’s their favorite place to autonomously be romantic.

And Jazlyn, well, she likes to talk to herself while eating at the kitchen island.

11-27-14_10-50 PM-4

“Hey, I love that sweater, where’d you get it?”

“The same place I got my hat!”

“Ohhh, okay. I’ll have to go check that place out.”

11-27-14_3-19 PM-4

Brené often laughed at her sister’s strange antics. They were still as close as ever though, often sharing the same bed autonomously, rather than sleeping in separate beds like I had planned.

11-27-14_11-06 PM-2

Brené was also getting along really well with Ella these days, who was surprisingly STILL alive and kicking…

11-27-14_3-19 PM-211-27-14_3-19 PM-3

…or, maybe, punching.

11-27-14_10-42 PM-411-27-14_10-42 PM-2

Ella was ALWAYS in the gym working out it seemed like. I was constantly worried that she would pass away from over-exertion or something, but she just kept on living. She is like the energizer bunny for goodness sakes! I mean, her son-in-law is an elder, and her two eldest grandchildren have been teens long enough that it’s now her grandson’s teen birthday!

11-27-14_11-56 PM-611-27-14_11-56 PM-811-27-14_11-57 PM-2

And Asher is still as adorable as ever, rolling music lover as his teen trait, just like Jazlyn. However, his aspiration is Mansion Baron. OH MY. Ha ha! I guess this taste of a larger home has made him want a very nice mansion.

11-27-14_11-06 PM

The Waite Family Fish.

11-27-14_11-14 PM-4

Brené is constantly working on her mixology skills. CONSTANTLY. Well, as much as the family can afford to anyway. All of the adults and teens have jobs, which makes for a hard time with needs and aspirations. Right now finances are the priority in this household, unfortunately. Brené is a barista, Jazlyn a lawn mower, and Asher is a babysitter.

11-27-14_11-55 PM

Plumbobs were often red or orange in the Waite household these days, unfortunately. Juniper is a smelly writer, and Alexander is a sleepy tech guru. Behind Juniper is Bren the Sleepy Barista. LOL

11-27-14_11-25 PM-3

They almost look alike from this angle… aww.

11-27-14_11-21 PM-5

Goofball. ❤

11-27-14_11-33 PM-4

“So, dad, um, yeah… you’re going to be like, old, SUPER SOON.”

11-27-14_11-37 PM-4

Insane one. ❤

11-27-14_11-39 PM

Brené challenged Marley to a game of chess, and when self-assured Marley started to lose she just couldn’t take it. She even had to get up and walk away.

11-27-14_11-45 PM-411-27-14_11-45 PM-6

11-28-14_3-33 PM-7

Barista Brené! 😀

11-28-14_3-35 PM

One last hand-hold before Alexander becomes an elder sim.

Next installment, Chapter 2.7, will actually be a little bit more story-esque. Trust me. It will be short, but it will be a story chapter.


4 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: 2.6 [Update-Rush-Madness/Screenshot Dump]

    • Renée Lenore says:

      Yeah!! Ella was long-lived. Also, she had Juniper pretty quickly and Juniper had Brené really quickly as well. So they were all young (except for Bill). I am pretty sure that Juniper had Brené on her fourth or fifth day of being a Young Adult. 😛


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