4.27: Lou Has Standards

09-06-15_6-26 PM

The Waite crew was just finishing up a late dinner when Dex received a text message. When he saw who it was from his face lit up before he could stop it.

He saw the selfie that Sasha sent and immediately showed it to Lou, who was sitting beside him at the dinner table.

“She’s definitely got style!” Lou exclaimed, smirking because she could see a slight blush creeping up onto Dexter’s cheeks but she knew that he didn’t even know he was blushing, or why. Being self-assured, Lou never doubted her gut instincts. This particular gut instinct was that her older brother was developing a bit of a crush.

“Are you texting that girl that you talked to ALL weekend during the festival? Sasha?” Landen asked, looking up from his plate. “Can you have her say hi to CiCi for me?” Landen, being an artistic slob, often had his head in the clouds and was the most oblivious out of all three of the Waite siblings.

Dexter started to text back, excited to hear from Sasha again.


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