Waite Legacy: 2.12

12-03-14_11-34 PM-5

“Linda, would you like to move in?”

12-03-14_11-34 PM-6

“YES! This house is beautiful and so full of miser- *cough* – wonderful people.” Asher, poor Adorable Asher, was so blinded by his love for her that he missed her almost slip. Linda, you see, has the evil trait among her two other very good traits. Nevertheless, the two of them went to celebrate.

12-03-14_11-35 PM-3

And sure enough, after a quick check, Linda was expecting. How was she going to break the news to Asher? Technically they weren’t even dating yet, even though they were living together. She decided to go share the news with him.

12-03-14_11-37 PM-2

Before she got the chance to she got distracted by the mess in the house though, and changed into her everyday clothes so she could take care of the mess. Asher looked on in absolute awe. How did he get so lucky? Little did he know that she was pleased about the misery of his sister, Marley, and pregnant with his unborn child.

12-03-14_11-39 PM

After everyone else was all pitching in cleaning, and Linda had taken a short jog, Alexander awoke from a nap not feeling so great.

12-03-14_11-29 PM-6

“What is this?”

12-03-14_11-29 PM-912-03-14_11-29 PM-1112-03-14_11-29 PM-1412-03-14_11-30 PM-15

Marley didn’t even try to save her relative this time. There was still too much hurt. Linda reveled in the pain. Asher was just confused.

12-03-14_11-33 PM-2

“Alexander, what do I do without you? Who is going to carry on my legacy? How will I choose without your help? Marley is still a teenager for a couple more days… and then Asher has this new ladyfriend that I just don’t quite trust, and Brené seems to just be focusing so hard on her strange dish-washing job and never seems to want to talk to me about any men, and Jazlyn, well, Jazlyn claims she refuses to be the heir.”

2.13 coming soon!


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