Waite Legacy: 2.11

12-03-14_5-14 PM-3

SURPRISE! Surprise! It’s another Waite Family Birthday!! This big happy family aspiration (especially with Juniper’s back-to-back pregnancies) creates many birthdays in a row. Many, many, MANY birthdays. Who is the lucky victim? That’s right, our Adorable Asher is becoming an adult!

12-03-14_10-14 PM-2

“Soon I’ll be able to get a real job to help support this family, until I move out that is.”

Woah, woah, woah. Who said anything about moving out? You might be chosen as heir!

“But what if I don’t want to be heir!?”

Too bad. You might be. I don’t know yet. Geez, all this talk about heir-picking is exhausting. Let’s get back to the only-slightly-less-exhausting birthday-talk.

12-03-14_11-03 PM-4

Juniper baked him a cake; one that looked like a hamburger because he’s such a geek and she thought he would find that humorous. Then it was time to blow out the candles.

12-03-14_11-07 PM-212-03-14_11-07 PM-5

The boy rolled bookworm, like his father. ❤ This FAMILY. OH MY GOODNESS. I must be in Sim heaven. I must. A geek, music lover, bookworm. Who cares if he wants to be a mansion baron? 😛 Those traits are adorable! Just like he is! He just wants to have a big house full of comic books, computer games, musical instruments, art, and a couple of really nice libraries. 😛 Who can blame him? I certainly can’t.

Brené was the mixologist at this party and managed to make 10 drinks before the time ran out, so she completed one of her milestones of her master mixologist aspiration!

After the party, Brené, Jazlyn, and Asher all went to the park to hang out and meet new people together.

12-03-14_11-21 PM-4

Brené and Jazlyn found themselves playing a game of chess together (always these two, always).

Asher, on the other hand, found a new person to play chess with.

12-03-14_11-23 PM

“I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything, but would you mind if I played a game of chess with you?” Asher asked, slightly awkwardly. Ohhhh, this family is so full of awkwardness. I love it!

12-03-14_11-24 PM-2

“Sure, and my name is Linda. Linda Novak.”

12-03-14_11-24 PM-6

The two played chess for quite a while, and got along really well. Asher rolled a whim to ask her out on a date. 🙂 He wanted to give her a tour of his home, and introduce her to his family. He thought she would love it there, based on what few interactions they had today. She agreed and she followed him back to his house. By this time Brené and Jazlyn were both at work, but he didn’t mind. He introduced Linda to the rest of the family and then took her out back for some privacy.

12-03-14_11-27 PM-2

“I really like you Linda, a lot. I know we just met, but I think I love you.”

12-03-14_11-28 PM-11

“I love you too, Asher Waite.”

12-03-14_11-28 PM-1012-03-14_11-29 PM-2

Chapter 2.12 is on it’s way!


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