Waite Legacy: 1.3

11-19-14_9-09 PM-2

Where we last left off, baby Juniper had just entered the sim world. Ella was cradling her in her arms, looking into her sweet face as she gurgled and cooed. Surely this darling girl was the most innocent being on the planet.

Hours later Bill and Ella were woken by Juniper’s cries and Ella quickly changed her tune about Juniper.

“Make it stop!” She whined, grumbling as she went to care for her newborn. “I can’t handle this crying. I need to sleep.” Bill, seeing that Ella had it covered, simply crawled back into bed.

The next few nights were like eternity as Juniper kept the two awake with her constant needs until she finally aged up into a child.

11-19-14_10-02 PM-7

She was an adorable child, and rolled “creative” as her trait with the Childhood Aspiration of “Rambunctious Scamp.” I was pretty excited about this, because her parents are both active, so of course they would be thrilled to buy her some monkey bars with their hard earned simoleons. Besides, I thought this would be a fun aspiration to play out. And creative is a good trait in my book. So far so good!

11-19-14_9-56 PM

I had them build another room for Juniper and buy her a few toys, as well as some monkey bars because they had been saving simoleons for quite some time. This did leave them pretty broke though. Bills were going to be tough to pay. This meant one thing needed to happen.

11-19-14_11-28 PM

It was time for Ella to send off her books to the publisher to earn some royalties. 🙂 She had been writing books and saving them to send to a publisher for a while now, and though she didn’t have many because she had been so busy she had three books to send off. It was better than nothing, and hopefully the royalties would help out.

11-19-14_10-11 PM

Juniper started on her homework right away, in hopes of getting her grades up. She wanted to be an A student and reach her childhood aspiration before aging into a teen so she had a lot of work to do. I basically worked on gaining skills and doing homework along with meeting her aspirations for this entire life stage. That was all there was really time for.

This means she spent a lot of time on the monkey bars.

11-20-14_12-03 AM-3

Then there was Bill, who was getting older. He was much older than Ella, and sure enough had a birthday coming up. He aged up and Ella and Bill decided that before Ella got any older they wanted to have a second child, just in case anything happened to Juniper.

11-19-14_11-33 PM

The first try wasn’t successful, but after a second try Ella had some wonderful news for Bill.

11-19-14_11-42 PM

Bill was so excited he nearly peed his pants. Speaking of peeing their pants, Juniper woke up from her sleep because she really had to go to the bathroom.

11-19-14_11-34 PM-2

She almost didn’t make it, but luckily she did and she didn’t get an embarrassed moodlet like Bill did the last time he had a “bladder failure.”

11-20-14_12-03 AM

The next morning, Juniper is hanging out on the Monkey Bars again, after completing her Childhood Aspiration and ALMOST having an A in school (just needs to go this day). It is also her birthday. Cutting it super close there, Juni. Before school, Ella calls Juniper inside to share the big news with her that she’s going to be a big sister.

11-20-14_12-05 AM-311-20-14_12-05 AM-6

“ALRIGHT!” Juniper says excitedly, fist in the air. “I hope it’s a boy! The Evil Overlord likes girls better, so I’ll get more attention if it’s a boy.” Looks like Juniper picked up a little bit of Bill’s mean streak even though I cheated it out of him shortly after she was born, and she doesn’t have the mean trait. (I will say this though, to this day she’s the ONLY sim I have ever seen raise a fist in the air to hearing about a sim being pregnant so she was REALLY excited to be a big sister!) …and then I somehow forgot to take pictures of the labor/birth/age up process of the next baby, so here is Noah Waite.

11-20-14_12-26 AM-4

Noah rolled “Good” and “Artistic Prodigy” which are good enough to get. I feel very lucky in this legacy so far. Wow! It’s going to really hit me hard later, I can tell.

Also, Juniper aged up into a teen!

11-20-14_12-52 AM-211-20-14_1-05 AM-2

Juniper rolled the teen trait “Music Lover” (not bad, not bad, especially with her already held trait “Creative”) and the aspiration, “Big Happy Family.” NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. NO. *sobs* WHY!? Why do you do this to me, legacy game fates!?

…and now we wait for chapter 1.4.


5 thoughts on “Waite Legacy: 1.3

    • Renée Lenore says:

      I actually tend to forget to do any of the aspirations… :/ ooooooops. But the Big Happy Family aspiration is NOT something I wanted to get this early. It means a lot of sims. Which means a lot of beds. LOL


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